View Full Version : Magic Damage that Increases Based on Max HP

08-17-2016, 05:01 PM
Has anyone figured out whether to load these guys with solely green talismans or add some blues as well?

I finally beat the Beast on madness, and got the Allied Bomber Boy (Sentinel) with my legendary soul.. (ugh...I know). Then in the Madness purple level, I got a rare gun/assassin that pulled me a gunner Allied Bomber Boy. Both of their basic ability is an attack that says "Deals magic damage to all enemies" and "Damage increases based on your Max HP." Does their magic stat affect their attack at all, or is it solely based on Max HP? I've been trying to switch out magic and HP talismans on these guys but haven't been able to see much difference. The Ox Cultist is like this too.

Side note: I've also seen types of damage that "scale" with a certain stat, like Soldier Eddie's Bullet Trace ability (random damage that scales with the Special stat). This I'm guessing is based on both the stat of whatever the random damage is, and is perhaps multiplied by the special stat, but I'm not sure.

08-17-2016, 05:06 PM
It will still raise with Magic as well, but perhaps not as strongly (not really extensively tested). Besides - HP is always good. MAG is only for attacks. So if you have to choose one, go with HP.

As for Bullet Trace, it does indeed increase with Special. Since it is Random, it also increases with MAG for Magic, ATK for Physical, and ATK+MAG for True.

For example - my Dog of War does True damage that increases with Max HP (and DEF).
His normal Attack does 3996 True damage vs an Assassin 5* level 85 Enemy.
He's got 561 MAG, 986 ATK and 1405 DEF. He's got 38,000 HP. Guess where most of that bite damage is coming from.

08-23-2016, 04:15 PM
So let's take the Allied Bomber Boy Gunner, for example. He has a space at 4* for a red talisman.... since his ATK doesn't really matter, won't this space be kind of useless? I guess the best thing to put in here is anything but the skilled one, since it will raise HP... is that correct?