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11-14-2017, 11:01 PM
This is the first week I've ventured into the top 100 for playing, and while I'm not making any Eternal runs, I have to say that it's pretty fun in the upper ranks.

It's also buggy as hell up here. When you're in the lower ones, there is rarely that crazy failure of catastrophic proportions that occurs higher up.

Couple examples: The Angel of Strife. Sometimes, the power move wipes out my entire team (with full health, out of nowhere). Then sometimes it wipes out my opponent's entire team. I still have no idea why this happens. Then there's the extra turns on Angel of Fear. I had heard of the issues on this, but never experienced the issues on lower ranks... but I've seen first hand some crazy shit, where I've actually gotten an extra turn from their Angel attacking me; my opponent getting a full set of extra turns when I've got invincibility and no damage was taken, and then the usual complaints. Then there's Caliza's team, that causes no buttons to appear 100% of the time that I go to fight them. I had forgotten and challenged again only to have to reboot. It's not the only one, I think Cokas is a 50/50 on buttons showing up, but most others are fine. Maybe it's a combo of my team and theirs that causes this, who knows.

But regardless of all of this, I just wanted to say that I am really impressed with the teams in the upper ranks. Well done to all of you, there are some super creative defenses in there and some that I still am not even sure how to best approach. So, great job, and keep putting those kickass teams together \m/

11-14-2017, 11:44 PM
I've only ever been in the top 100 twice and yeah the fights up there get pretty intense. If the Shields and certain passives weren't as messed up as they are now, I'm sure it would be much more fun. Good luck on staying up there for the rest of the week. It's certainly no easy feat.