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11-21-2017, 07:43 PM
Trooper Eddie has arrived, bringing with him other characters inspired by the Crimean War!

New Eddie: Trooper Eddie!

Trooper Eddie arrives to call upon the Charge of the Light Brigade! This iconic Eddie hits fast and hard and is a premier addition to any team, especially those composed of physical attackers. Offensively, he can grant allies Counterstrike, but defensively, he can grant Defense Up, MR Up, Heal Shields, and Immortality, in addition to Cleansing and even Healing! However, his most defining trait is his fury, the Charging Brigade, where he does physical damage to all enemies while applying Endure and Perfect Immortality to all allies!

Trooper Eddie is a 5 star Warrior available from the Trooper Soul, or can be obtained as a guaranteed character from the Trooper Eddie Soul. Check out more on Trooper Eddie in his Character Discussions forum post (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?9228).

Introducing the Trooper Soul

The Trooper Soul joins the Eternity Soul as a special soul that all players can work towards to get a guaranteed 5 star character. This soul features the following:

Trooper Eddie (5 star Warrior) NEW!: A physical attacker which can grant Counterstrike, Immortality, and Heal Shield, can Cleanse allies, and his Fury provides Endure and Perfect Immunity to all allies.
Lady Azov (5 star Magus) NEW!: A single target true damage attacker that heals all allies when she attacks and has a passive that grants Invincibility, Immunity, or Immortality upon taking damage.
Bastion (5 star Sentinel) NEW!: A magic attacker who can stun enemies, provide Accuracy Up and Revenge to allies, is immune to Stun, and can gain Perfect Hit if he has Regen.
Warlord (5 star Assassin) NEW!: A random damage attacker which can automatically remove beneficial effects from enemies each turn and can apply Ghost to enemies.

The Trooper Soul is obtained by collecting Trooper Soul Fragments. You need 200 fragments to claim a soul. The primary way to earn these fragments is to spend the Trooper Badges you earn from using troopers:

Trooper Soul Fragments x10 (300 Trooper Badges). 10/200 needed fragments to earn a Trooper Soul. Available 5/week.

In addition, there is a one time offer of getting a full Trooper Soul for 20,000 Trooper Badges.

New Feature: Frontier Shop

The Frontier Shop is a special shop of high-value items that are only available via a new currency, Frontier Coins.

This shop contains the following:

Trooper Eddie Soul (300 Frontier Coins): Guaranteed 5★ Warrior Trooper Eddie!
Lady Azov Soul (300 Frontier Coins): Guaranteed 5★ Magus Lady Azov!
Bastion Soul (300 Frontier Coins): Guaranteed 5★ Assassin Bastion Eddie!
Warlord Soul (300 Frontier Coins): Guaranteed 5★ Sentinel Warlord Eddie!
Eternity Eddie Soul (500 Frontier Coins): Guaranteed 5★ Assassin Eternity Eddie!
Clairvoyant Soul (500 Frontier Coins): Guaranteed 5★ Magus The Clairvoyant!
Wrath Soul (500 Frontier Coins): Guaranteed 5★ Assassin Wrath!
Beelzebub Soul (500 Frontier Coins): Guaranteed 5★ Warrior Beelzebub!
Skill Shard Pack (350 Frontier Coins): A pack of 5 Skill Shards. Available 1/month.
Mythical Soul (800 Frontier Coins): A soul that guarantees a 5★ character of any class! Available 1/month.

Frontier Coins are an extremely rare resource. At this time, the only way to earn them is by opening Eternity Souls and Trooper Souls (100 Frontier Coins from each soul). However, this means that if you’re looking for a particular character, opening either of those kinds of souls enough times will earn you the coins needed to claim character you’re looking for!

You can earn Eternity Souls by collecting Eternity Soul Fragments from the Arena. You can earn Trooper Souls by collecting Trooper Soul Fragments that are purchased using Trooper Badges.

New Feature: NPC Troopers

To help new players ease into the Trooper system, all players now have three new NPC Troopers:

Captain: Has a Navigator Eddie champion
Deathcleft: Has a Grim Reaper Eddie champion
Tomahawk: Has a Run to the Hills Eddie champion

All of these Troopers are automatically added to all players’ Trooper lists, and become stronger as you achieve certain Player Ranks. They do not count towards your limit of troopers you can have based on rank, but can be used like any other Trooper to get an additional 25 Trooper Badges whenever they’re used.

Character Tuning

Change from preliminary notes in blue.


PVP Changes

Fixed an issue where players could have an attack list of less than 10 opponents
Fixed an issue where the Attack List may not load, and exiting and reentering the screen will never retry getting the attack list until the app is force closed and relaunched
Added Purge Talismans as a new talisman that can be bought monthly for Iron Coins. Purge Talismans are 3 set Gunner talismans which have a chance to remove beneficial effects and heal yourself on Perfect Attacks

Brave New World Changes

Improved the drop rate of the following talismans: Shell, Immunity, Quake, Zone, Lightning, Comet, Meteor, Rage

Challenges Fixes and Changes

A new “Events” tab has been added (currently supporting an upcoming PVP event)
Fixed an issue where it was possible that the “Missions Completed” and “Achievements Completed” achievements would not have the correct count for current progress
Fixed an issue where the changed tracking method for certain achievements (such as Profound Offering) left players in a state of 1/1 progress while not having met the requirements for the achievement
Fixed an issue where the Android back button may cause the game to hang if used to exit the Challenges screen

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Optimized in-game battle UI to improve stability and performance
Added additional fog to the Ailing Kingdom combat environments
Improved the visual fidelity of the Kingdom of the Sands combat environments
Updated loading screens to feature full screen art
Added a “Campaign Tracker” to the Cosmos worlds, which indicates the percentage of completion for the last-played difficulty (in terms of how many Skulls you’ve earned). Earning 100% of the skulls for a world changes the progress meter to have a golden frame
Fixed an issue where Satellite 15 rewards may repeat instead of being randomly chosen for each claimed satellite
Fixed an issue where team selections from one game mode would be copied to another game mode if you entered it in the same session
Fixed an issue in Brave New World where combat could hang if an enemy with Endure died due to a miniboss dying
Fixed an issue where UI elements in the Sacrifice screen wouldn’t display correctly the first time the screen was entered in a session
Improved the calculation of the “last played” metric for Troopers to accurately reflect PVP activity
Clarified the exact amount of increase in potency for various “Charge” skill descriptions (Charge, Physical Charge, Magic Charge, Entomb, Magic Resist Charge, Fervor, Furious Charge, Burning Cry, Ordain, Shine, Duelist)
Clarified for Entomb and Magic Resist Charge that they increase the effectiveness of the next Defense Up or MR Up status effect that is applied (respectively)
Minor grammatical fixes have occurred in English for the following: Triple Shot (description), Roulette (description), True Shot (description), Kindle (description), Suffocation (name), Passive Aggression (name)
Minor cleanup done on skill descriptions in other languages
November 24th Hotfix: Fix for Trooper Eddie's Survive not reviving correctly
November 24th Hotfix: Fix for the game sometimes hanging on the victory or defeat screen
November 24th Hotfix: Fix for certain cases of revive being able to cause a hang in combat (for example, from paid revive)
November 24th Hotfix: Fix for combat kickers (damage, perfect timing, etc) not always displaying
November 24th Hotfix: Fix for talisman information not being displayed/fetched properly for troopers
November 24th Hotfix: Fix for the animations/SFX sometimes playing at incorrect speeds for Trooper Eddie

The dates for the hotfix above are for Android release; the iOS release is expected to follow within the next day or so.