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12-15-2017, 08:14 AM

I'm quiet new in the game but managed to gather already a nice amount (at least I think so) of Ironite and some trooper badges.

But I can't estimate what the best use of the Ironite or Trooper badge is.

Could you give me some tips?


12-16-2017, 09:07 PM
Howdy DarthRex, thanks for joining us!

I would say that it depends on what your objectives are. If you are more interested in acquiring new characters, I would buy the souls in the trooper store. If you have characters to build up, I would buy the skill shards. I would always buy the trooper fragments since that's an easy guaranteed way to get a high level character once per month. The max amount of trooper badges you can spend in the store in a week is less than the max you can earn in a week, so you have to be strategic. For ironite, I tend to spend it on Sands of TimeWar refills and 2x XP bonuses, but...

...you should always spend wisely. I make sure to keep a stock of Ironite so that if an event comes out that needs ironite, I can participate (example: if there are limited time souls for purchase, or if it's an event in the arena that requires me to buy Sands of War).

12-16-2017, 09:15 PM
good hints from coletrain. i would also encourage you to keep a good amount of ironite as backup for good events. my minimum would be 1000 ironite at least. 2000 is maybe even better. aside this, i agree with coletrain. wouldn't spend ironite for refills if not absolutely necessary. souls are a waste too imo. just wait for good events and hit em hard if something seems good for you.

and the most important hint: NEVER i really mean NEVER ever revive for ironite, especially not in BNW :P

12-16-2017, 10:18 PM
Ironite should be saved as much as you can. If you're good with it and you have luck on your side, your stock can build up very quickly. A little over a week ago I had less than 200 and now I have over 700, I don't buy it, it just adds up. The best thing to save them for in my opinion is when you have an arena event, or an event where you can farm exclusive characters. However, outside of events there's no real need to spend ironite if you don't have to. Powerslave on Madness gives you enough SoT back that in 24 hours you can easily grind through all 50 of your troopers.

As for trooper points, if you have 50 daily troopers and you play them all yourself you can make 17,500 a week, not counting the 3 NPC troopers. That's enough to get you most of the trooper store items you want to buy. My particular method is to buy all the souls and save the left over points for when I have enough to add the skill shards as well.

Sometimes there will be an event that will let you buy an exclusive soul with trooper points or ironite. While I don't recommend doing this, especially if the character is a 5* character, the choice is up to you. Even though every single soul has a chance of dropping someone extremely rare, the chances of them actually dropping are well... extremely rare.

12-18-2017, 09:00 AM
Thanks for the info guy. It's very clear to me now !