View Full Version : Christmas Update - December 18th, 2017 + Edward the Great!

12-18-2017, 10:27 PM
The Three Kings have Arrived, and together they bring a wealth of characters and improvements to the game!

New Eddie: Edward the Great!

Edward the Great has come to rule over his opponents with a wide variety of skills perfectly tailored to take out key opponents. The Anti Anti-Mage comes equipped with many skills which deal more damage the higher the enemy’s MR stat. In addition, he has a large emphasis on using his “subjects” to protect him by taking their beneficial effects, but also providing a new Sacrifice status effect, which is an unremovable beneficial effect that will full heal the team if the character with Sacrifice dies.

Edward the Great is a 5 star Magus available now in all appropriate souls, including a limited time Christmas Soul. Check out more on Edward the Great in his Character Discussions forum post (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?9364).

Limited Time Christmas Soul!

The Christmas Soul is a special limited time soul with a wide variety of highlight characters, some new, some old! Not only is this your exclusive avenue to get seasonal Christmas characters, it’ll have an increased chance of getting the new Edward the Great!

Find out more about the Christmas Soul in The Three Kings have Arrived event thread (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?9365).

New Feature: Quest Completion Timer

Inspired by community threads (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?8944) and player discussions throughout the community, we’ve added a new Quest Completion Timer.


The game will track your current and best times for all Cosmos and Time Rift battles. Share your strategies with your troopers and aim for the fastest times!

Character Tuning

Additions and changes since preliminary notes in blue.


Book of Souls Changes

Warrior Trickster is now available as a 3 star Warrior from appropriate souls
Gunner Chopper is now available as a 4 star Gunner from appropriate souls

Inventory Changes

Max Character Inventory increased to 300 (up 100)
Fixed an issue where set effects may be overlapped by the Swap button icon when viewing Talismans
Fixed an issue where multiple loading wheels could be seen at once when transitioning from the My Team screen

PVP Changes

Fixed an issue where names could get cut off on the Pre-Battle Screen
Fixed an issue which could cause certain buttons to become unresponsive in the Arena screens

Challenge Changes

Fixed an issue where you couldn’t get progress for a mission that looks for equipping talismans to a character if that character was a Trooper
Fixed an issue causing some players to be unable to get the rewards of any claimed challenges

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixed an issue where certain Android devices would randomly freeze up during combat
Fixed a flaw in the asset management logic that could cause the install size of the app to bloat
Fixed an issue where a Trooper’s last time played may be incorrectly reported
Fixed an issue where icons may overlap momentarily at the Main HUB
Fixed an issue where the notification badge for Skull Quests was larger than other notification badges at the Main HUB
Fixed an issue where certain device and language combinations produced overlapping text in the Troopers screen