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01-13-2018, 12:21 AM
Happy 2018 Troopers!

Our team is leaping into the new year full steam ahead, and we’re here to share some of the things you can expect in the months to come!

2017 saw many changes and additions to the game (Arena, Sacrifice, Brave New World, monthly live events etc.), and our goal is to continue introducing more content and modes of play for our community. Throughout the year, you can expect to see even more characters, monthly events, and some exciting plans which support the upcoming Iron Maiden tour that we cannot reveal just yet...

We’re also working to address server stability, and solve the various character ability bugs that have been reported here, as well as continuing to improve upon existing systems. Our designers are very involved in the forums and are taking your feedback into consideration. One of our focuses in the first half of the year is addressing the amount of time required to play your daily Troopers.

So, what else are we working on in 2018? In the short term, we’ll be introducing an item system known as Relics!

Relics are a brand new type of item that grant permanent or temporary stat bonuses to your characters and character classes across the various game modes. These Relic items are tied to your personal account and will help make your strengths/weaknesses distinct from other players depending on the specific Relics you acquire. You will be able to earn these Relics initially in the Arena Store, but they will also feature in future game modes and events.

More playable content, in the form of Gauntlet and Silent Planet, is also being developed. The Gauntlet is an exciting new game mode where players can battle through a series of challenges that scale in difficulty during the event period to earn exclusive character and talisman rewards. This new mode will seriously put the breadth and depth of your roster, as well as your team composition skills, to the test as you can't use the same character twice within the challenge period!

Players looking for even greater challenges can test their mettle on the mysterious Silent Planet. Battle your way up a monthly resetting tower with 100 quests and face off against 2 new and fantastic Mega Bosses. Earn highly valuable rewards as well as exclusive character and talisman content.

And yes, we mentioned it last year, but the long awaited Night City will arrive!

We have been focused on creating rich visual environments, and an exciting play experience. You can get a sneak peak of what we’re working on in the screenshot below!

Finally, our team is working out the details for Guilds. The community is this game’s backbone, and we’re giving you new ways to interact and assist your fellow troopers!

We’ll be releasing more details on these upcoming changes in a later community address. Stay tuned!


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