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02-06-2018, 07:29 PM
A celebration of Eddie in a new incarnation, returning to his native game in Legacy of the Beast!

New Characters: Eddie “The Birds”!

Eddie invaded Angry Birds Evolution not long ago, and now he has returned in his new avian forms to invade Legacy of the Beast!

Eddie The Bird has come to Legacy of the Beast as four different collectable allies: Pharaoh “The Bird”, Killers “The Bird”, Shaman “The Bird”, and Cyborg “The Bird”. These characters take inspiration from their Legacy of the Beast Eddie counterparts, but are also equipped to fight with their corresponding Eddie to double down on his strengths!

The Angry Birds Evolution-inspired characters are a limited time addition featured in the Avian Invaders event. Check out more on that in its corresponding event post (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?9776).

New Feature: 30 Day Ironite Pack

Want to grab some ironite but want a really good deal? Get 280% more Ironite than similarly priced packs with the new 30 Day Ironite Pack.

This pack will give you 100 Ironite up front, plus an additional 25 Ironite each day you log in after purchasing for 30 days. That’s a total of 850 Ironite after 30 days!

You may only buy a single 30 Day Ironite Pack at a time, but can buy it again after you’ve collected all 30 days of additional ironite rewards. The 30 Day Ironite Pack is available in the Ironite tab of the Store.

Character Tuning


PVP Improvements

Fixed an issue where the autodraw warning would not correctly trigger an automatic draw 10 turns after it was triggered
Fixed an issue where your last complete time for a PVE battle would appear in the results screen for an Arena battle
Fixed an issue where the Attack List in the Arena could get into a state where it’s unable to fetch opponents until restarting the app

Challenge Improvements

Expanded the support for Event Challenges to include many more kinds of objectives

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Adjusted the Soldier Soul you earn from progressing through the Cosmos to use the Gunner-class art (instead of Gun/Assassin-class art)
Adjusted the revive procedure for Eddies dying with Immortality to not die with the crystal shattering effect
Adjusted the default scrolling of a large list of quests to default to the final cleared quest if you have cleared all quests (such as the 10 floors of Brave New World)
Adjusted the default screen settings for the game to allow devices with wider screens to better use all of their screen real estate
Fixed an issue which could cause players to be unable to load the game (observing an infinite spinning wheel when transitioning from the front end to the main HUB)
Fixed an instance of causing an end-of-match error that would force a restart to instead process rewards normally and not force a restart
Fixed an issue where a tutorial at the end of a match may not trigger and instead hang on the results screen, requiring the player to restart the app
Fixed an issue where the game may not unlock certain features that require you to reach a specific player rank without restarting the app
Fixed an issue where unlocking a subsequent world for the first time was not always communicated
Fixed an issue which would cause the in-battle character info popup to no longer appear
Fixed an issue where the skill panel in the My Team screen could be overlapped by the Sell and Sacrifice buttons
Fixed an issue where the Fragments button would not appear in the Book of Souls screen under certain circumstances
Adjusted the quest timer feature to no longer indicate you’ve achieved a new best time if you achieved an identical time to a previous run
Fixed an issue where players could attempt to add 2 of the same instance of a character to a team (even though it would cause an error before battle start)
Fixed an issue where the banner behind the result screen would not always extend across the screen on certain devices
Fixed an issue where players could skip the “choose your name” portion of the game intro
Fixed an issue where certain challenges would refer to “Enduring Talismans” as “Endure Talismans”
Fixed various issues that had to do with incorrect text colouration in non-English languages

February 8th Hot Fixes

Fix for certain characters proccing effects conditional on removing effects, even if an effect is failed to be removed due to Perfect Immunity or being a Golden Positive Effect (reported most commonly as Astra stunning even when not removing an effect)
Fix for Hallowed Eddie's The Truth not providing positive effects to all allies
Improved stability to reduce frequency of random crashes
Improved load time into the game from the front end
Various other minor fixes

February 20th Minor Update

Adjusted the App Icon back to Trooper Eddie
Removed the Eddie the Bird loading screens from the loading screen rotation
The weekly rotating soul bundles in the store have been improved (now includes Mythical Soul Fragments + class Legendary Soul Fragments, has more class Rare Souls, and can be bought once per day instead of once per week)
The weekly rotating skill shard bundle in the store has been improved (now includes Mythical Soul Fragments + Frontier Coins, and has more Skill Shards)
The once-a-month Ironite bonus packs have been improved (higher quantities of Rare Souls)
Fix for Hallowed Eddie’s The Truth applying an Ascension which didn’t increase stats