View Full Version : Can I Play With Madness?...

08-20-2016, 04:44 AM
I don't think I can much longer, because the last few weeks with this app have been exactly that...madness. Stuck with 4* chars and Eddies for a month or more, can't get passed dungeon 8, can't get halfway passed Battlefield madness or Underworld hard. I've hit a wall, and I'm not going to push up against it any longer. Been playing since launch, I've collected a couple Eddies, got to check them out. The money, and hours spent on this app along with my allegiance to Maiden have kept me dealing with the bugs, losing loot, and pure insanity, hoping I can get even 10minutes in without a crash. I'm pretty much done with this app, it was a fun distraction for a while, but it's been too much frustration dealing with issues that are obviously aren't going to get fixed. Yeah...I'm done with this game. I will give the dungeons a run through once for each class, just for the hell of it, then I will uninstall.

The Ancient Mariner
08-21-2016, 12:06 AM
You got stick with it and toy with combinations. I'm still at 3* Eddies but was able to grind through battlefield. With the time rift open evolution shards are available.