View Full Version : Character Design Contest

02-09-2018, 01:08 AM
This probably should also be in the suggestions thread, but I wanted feedback on what rules and rewards that you all might want. Ok, here it is. I think it would be cool if the creators of the game would have a contest where we could submit ideas for characters for the game. Many of you out there have a lot of the albums and artwork, and are familiar with some of the mythological figures in the songs. It would be great if they would allow 1 or 2 character submissions per player, and give a minor reward such as ironite, and an event soul with a chance to pull the new character(s), and perhaps xp material or eco material for submitting. The top 3 would get increased rewards such as skill shards, and a guaranteed new character. This could be a tiered reward. The contest would allow some fresh additional content in the game and perhaps lend direction to new areas to explore. i believe the creators of the game are doing a great job, but the fans can be a resource too! Any thoughts?