View Full Version : Any new ideas for the legacy construct team to consider?

02-26-2018, 06:12 AM
I have a couple...
What about if the non pvp battle fields we are all very familiar with, upon entering a zone the opponents were the first to attack?
Seems to me all the work is already done, just a tweak may do it!
Might make players think more about their teams defences and the talismans they use!!!

Here's another, what about the troopers and eternity souls shards we collect with trooper fragments being opened up to any soul you desire? You still gotta do the work but I think I'd be playing a lot more if I knew for sure the goal was achievable.

One more for now... For all your dupes how about placing them on a buy and sell in game page where you could collect gold or ironite as an alternative to sacrificing them and perhaps you're troopers get first dibs??