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03-06-2018, 10:32 PM
Take a roll of the Dice, use the Blade of Hatred to slice through, now the Contract’s out… Relics have arrived!

New Feature: Relics

Relics are a new item you can collect and level up to improve the stats of your characters.

Relics come in three broad categories:

Global Relics increase the base stat(s) for all of your characters in all game modes.
Class-Specific Relics increase the base stat(s) for a subset of your characters in all game modes.
Mode-Specific Relics increase the base stat(s) for all or a subset of characters, but only in a specific game mode.

Every Relic is acquired at level 1. You can then improve the Relic by purchasing or earning the next level of it to make it stronger, up to the Relic’s maximum level. You do not need to equip Relics to a particular character; they will improve the stats of all of your characters (as long as character is the appropriate class, or you are in the appropriate game mode).

At launch, Global Relics and Class-Specific Relics can be bought from the PVP Store for Iron Coins. Once you own at least one Relic, you can review the relics you own and the stat bonuses they grant in the My Team screen.

New Characters: The Liliths

Lilith is the Unholy Ghost, the Keeper of Secrets, and the elder sister of the Lord of Light. Created by God to serve mankind, she has rebelled from the ranks of the Empyrean realm and now seeks to free her brother from his inter-dimensional prison so that they may retake the celestial throne.

Lilith has five aspects, one for each class. All are devastating 5★ allies that you can summon to rain ruin upon your foes:

Warrior Lilith: An all-enemy physical attacker who grants herself Physical Charge every turn. She can grant her allies Magma Shields and Ascension, or can guarantee Stuns on enemies with 3 or more Burns.
Magus Lilith: A magic damage support who can Block damage for weakened teammates. She can grant Cleanse and Immunity to all allies, or inflict Exhaust on an enemy, which reduces all of their Attack, Defense, Magic, and MR by 90%.
Sentinel Lilith: A multi hit attacker that does physical and magical damage to a single target. She can guarantee removing Immunity (including Perfect Immunity) while inflicting Perfect Corruption, or she can revive all allies, all while automatically healing allies every time she’s damaged.
Gunner Lilith: An all enemy, multi-hit magic attacker who extends her team’s Beneficial Effects by 1 turn at the start of battle. She can steal beneficial effects or Smite enemies or heal all allies while granting Critical Strike Chance.
Assassin Lilith: An all-enemy true damage attacker who can steal Immunity (including Perfect Immunity), provide Immunity for her team, or can transform positive effects on enemies into Time Bombs. She also automatically sacrifices a portion of her HP every turn to either Revive a dead ally or fully heal a random alive ally.

The Liliths are special in that they’re not available from normal souls. To summon one of her aspects, you’ll need to do one of the following:

To celebrate her arrival, you have a chance of earning her from Light Souls. See the Lilith’s Arrival event post (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?9871) for more info.
After the Lilith’s Arrival event is over, each aspect will be available for individual purchase for Frontier Coins (700 each)
Fragments of a Lilith Soul will be available to collect as an additional bonus on top of normal event rewards in select future events. The Lilith Soul will guarantee one of the five aspects of Lilith, in addition to granting Frontier Coins (similar to the Trooper and Eternity Souls), allowing you to slowly accrue the full collection over time. You will have an opportunity to start collecting Lilith Soul Fragments from an event later this month.

Character Tuning


Book of Souls Changes

Sentinel Mayan Priestess is now available as a 4★ Sentinel from appropriate souls
Fixed an issue where 99 souls could be used when Use All was checked and a soul stack of less than 99 was dragged to be opened

PVP Changes

Fixed an issue where connection errors at the end of battle could cause a battle to be recorded multiple times
Fixed an issue where the background didn’t display correctly on certain devices
Fixed an issue where your My Arena Stats popup didn’t accurately report last week’s attack wins

Challenge Changes

An “Event” badge will appear over the Challenges button on the Main HUB while Event Challenges are available

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Improved stability of combat for all devices, reducing likelihood of crashes from low memory
Adjusted the size of some of the combat kickers
Adjusted the order of tabs in the stores
Fixed an issue where selling talismans in the post-battle flow could result in the game hanging
Fixed an issue where saved team configurations could be overwritten for certain features
Fixed an issue where a blank team could be saved for certain features
Fixed an issue where the selection state of characters in a Pre-Battle screen could be incorrect
Fixed an issue which would cause errors if a reward would cause you to go over the limit of an item stack
Fixed an issue that caused the game to hang if they received an error in the initial tutorial battles