View Full Version : RNG working "in waves" - anyone seen this as well?

03-08-2018, 08:32 AM
I've suspected this before, but last week brought this behaviour to light for me:
I have the suspicion that the RNG is running over the database of players and marks some accounts for goodies for a while.
Perfect example for me last week:
I rarely see Skill Shards in the skull quests, and even less so with the Satellite feature.
One afternoon last week, I opened the Satellite and - voila! - a skill shard popped out, nice.
I then played Talisman Cache, which yielded some useless talismans - and another Skill Shard. So far, I could have put that down to random good luck.
You guess what's next: I got another Skill Shard from Talisman Hoard, unfortunately, I had no more Skull Quests open.
Next day, it fell silent again, not a single Skill Shard dropped since.
I had streaks of luck before, with two Skill Shards dropping from Skull Quests over the course of one or two days, but never that obvious with two out of two plus the Satellite drop.
I also saw this before for some soul events.
I have average luck with souls I think, but for the event featuring Aces High Eddie, I got AHE from the very first event soul, got three or four 4* characters from a 10-pack, which also included another Aces High Eddie.
Unfortunately, I then ran out of Ironite.
Something similar happened for the Mayan event, while on other events (most of them, actually), I got jack shit out of a ton of souls.

One explanation is of course me imagining things combined with some phases if simple luck.
Another would be that there is an underlying routine that runs an RNG over all user accounts, selects some and raises their chances for the good stuff for a limited time.
This would motivate people to spend more on souls and goodies, since the chances seem to be quite high to actually get good returns, and for some time that would be correct, until your acoount fell out of favour again, at which point you'd just be sinking money.

Has anyone seem something similar?

03-09-2018, 10:02 AM
I had a friend back home who used to watch the desperate soulless gamblers on slot machines, while we were drinking beer in the pub and as soon as someone left after throwing in 100s of Euros he said “now she’s going to give!”. he usually threw in 5-10 Euros in and pulled a 100-200 out.

I have even seen that on the TV once, where an insider of a slot machine company confirmed, that the chips are set up so that they “reward” the customers every now and then, just to awaken the addiction again...

The “RNG” in this game works on a similar basis. no matter what the devs say! i have recently added a “newbie” trooper, whose roster has a max of 30 characters, but he owns a Krampus and ETG. i have opened over 150 souls over xmass and didn’t see those two characters pop up.

I strongly believe that the game “rewards” those who play less and spend no real money. every time i’ve spent 100CHF on a 4000soul package all i’ve got was a stab in the eye....

That led to one thing: I’m done spending any real money on this joke of a RNG ripoff game.

03-09-2018, 01:16 PM
I am happy to say I never spent a cent on this game.
I like it for the Maiden reference and I still, despite all its issues, like it as a game, but I'm not going to spend money on this rigged RNG, especially as the devs prove unwilling or unable to reveal the odds.

03-09-2018, 07:19 PM
What you say may be true, but that would probably happen because of the seed the RNG feeds on, not an intentionally programmed event.

For those not familiar with how these things are programmed, the numbers generated by a machine are not 100% random, that is physically impossible. It just uses a series of operations that appear random to a casual observer, and the origin of that series of numbers is called a "seed". Those streaks of "good luck" may be a series of loops that combine a set of mostly high numbers and then a set of lower ones. However, no programmer of any game does that intentionally.

03-11-2018, 09:37 PM
Fair enough, I'm a programmer myself and can only concur with your explanation.
The thing I'm trying to say is that the RNG seems to be not only connected to each reward, but also to the user account.
In other words: we can take for granted that the game does throw the dice on the chance of every soul being bought to contain something valuable (the chance of getting a 5* from a rare soul is X%).
But I suspect it first throws the dice on "is this user going to be luckier than average today" and only then on the soul itself (for this user, the chance for getting a 5* for a rare soul today is X%/X+5%/etc.).

This is NOT how it should be done if you're after the best randomization. It is however, a way to motivate players to buy stuff if they feel they're currently on a winning spree.
Just my two cents. The conclusion could both be "If you're winning stuff, milk it for what it's worth" or "don't spend money on this, it's rigged".
That's every player's choice.