View Full Version : Cyborg Eddie in PvP

03-17-2018, 12:04 AM
I don't see him around that much lately, that's kind of upsetting. I used to see him here and there but not anymore. Which is odd since the last update gave him a handsome boost.

I've been using him as my main in PvP since his kit is pretty nice in general, but my only gripes are that Calibrate and Scan don't seem as good as they should be. I can understand Scan being nerfed a bit on it's transition to being a basic move, but I've used the attack countless times in my battles and it hardly steals anyone's buffs. When it's fully sharded it's a 50% chance, and when he gives himself an accuracy buff it's 75 percent, but I'd use it on a crowd full of buffs and almost nothing is stolen,

And as for Calibrate, it's a fantastic move on paper, but it heals very little no matter how much health your team is missing, I'm hoping it could be changed to "based on max health" instead of missing health because it's just terrible as it is.

And while this isn't necessarily a complaint, it's more of a friendly suggestion, but I think his fury move should drain more fury, there's been times I've used the attack and it actually maxed out the enemy fury instead of draining it. With how easy some characters can Max things out, if his fury sucked off all enemy fury and resets power to zero, it would make the attack amazing to use.

03-19-2018, 01:38 PM
changes are better but he need more change to see him in pvp, one time since last update for me :)