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03-23-2018, 02:59 AM
who missed the lilith soul and by how many? i played more than any other event and fell short by 20 i got 5x craphounds i mean hellhounds... and completely blew my resources so im pretty pissed to put it nicely

03-23-2018, 03:16 AM
6 HHs, with just 50 shards short of getting a 7th hound.
410 total Lilith shards. Drops were horrendous today. :(

03-23-2018, 04:07 AM
10HH souls and left with 160 frags...

2 Liliths souls (which resulted in dupes G/A) and left with 5 frags...

Pulled my last 10 Lilith frags 2 minutes before the rollover. I thought I was going to be left sitting at 495.

I really only grinded W LOL and S LOL. I ran M LOL in between, but wasn't really "farming" that LOL, more just sending Trooper badges yesterday.

Still missing 2 Liliths... damn it! Oh well.. Frontier Coins are stacking... slowly....

Good thing is those Lilith frags aren't wasted. They said more Lilith drop events will come.

03-23-2018, 08:19 AM
Drops were horrendous today. :(

Yes they were ... I got super lucky ... when I came home from a drink with friends it was 2 hours to go or so and I decided to play the free SoT I had and I got a 50x fragment drop. That got me rather close and wit 2 refilsl I got a few more 5x and 1 10x or so. In the end I was at 495 and out of SoT ...

So I sacrificed 99 common souls that partly refilled my SoT.

Long story short: I got another 5 fragments and finished the soul - I got Magus Lilith ... she will look pretty on the bench I guess ...

But: I won't do that again ... the grind is just insane and incredibly boring on top of it. Despite getting a few hounds for the altar as well that was one of the dullest things I've done in a long time.

03-23-2018, 09:32 AM
I missed out too 😠 drops were crap on the last day!

03-23-2018, 09:48 AM
I don't know folks.. I pulled nearly 350 Lilith frags and 600 HH frags the last 8 hours of the event.

03-23-2018, 09:54 AM
✋�� Missed. Finally 375 fragments, 3 HHs. Got a 50 drop on last day for Lilith (1 for HH second day), but had better things to do than playing all day again.

03-23-2018, 09:58 AM
10 HH you are crazy you must play 24h on 24 :)

03-23-2018, 10:04 AM
Nah.... just sit while I'm working tapping "replay" when needed :)

03-23-2018, 10:13 AM
You guys are nuts!:). I hope they don’t lower the drop rates because of all the liliths obtained. Devs, this isn’t the norm. These guys are hardcore. I put as much time into this one as I could stand, and ended up with one HH and about 150 Lilith frags.

03-23-2018, 10:14 AM
I got 4 HH and managed to get my Lilith soul a couple of hours before event end - got the Sentinel one so OK I suppose. I did then finish off my last bit of SoT from what I had to get the fifth and final HH (as only 25 away from the fifth when I got the Lilith). I did get two 50 drops on Lilith souls - none on HH.

So far not sure which is the standout Lilith as they all seem to be able to do a job of sorts. Only seen one Magus Lilith in action, a few Sentinel/Warrior and few a few more Assassin and Gunner. None of them seem to be a massive pain to deal with - maybe the gunner is a bit stronger in PVP but Warrior does hit pretty hard too. What are all your thoughts on the various Liliths that are out?

03-23-2018, 10:35 AM
me 1 HH and 100 on 200 for the second lol
Some players are really crazy ^^

03-23-2018, 10:54 AM
Totally true! And I donít want to go out there, played like hell first two days. For a normal player maybe one HH is doable in three days, but Lilith- just impossible!

03-23-2018, 11:16 AM
I'm guessing that it may have been planned to leave players with Lilith fragments.... that way they are all in for the next Lilith frag event. I'd imagine there's no pressing desire to allow users to get Lilith souls quick and easy.

03-23-2018, 11:29 AM
me 1 HH and 100 on 200 for the second lol
Some players are really crazy ^^

I dont think I am too crazy! I just am able to auto play most of the day at work and when there is event like this I use it to collect resources as well as I rarely play LOL other than when these events are on so it is all win, win for me on these events.

In the end I was down just over 120 ironite compared to when the event started so for me that cost in ironite is massively outweighed by the resource pulls in LOL, HH souls (four for sac) and the single and only Lilith I have (sentinel) as I got none from previous event. I also got up to my 700 Frontiers too so

So I did not spend any more time grinding as such as I do the same patterns every day - I was just getting more from my time with this event. Probably the same for a lot of others too I guess.

03-23-2018, 12:19 PM
pffff 10 HH souls i got 20 during the event and got 3 Lilith souls I think the difference is i did a lot of my running during the Magus LOL. I was pretty hardcore with grinding this event because wanted to get all the liliths in one shot and I got lucky, getting 3 different ones combined with my 1400 frontier coins I been holding onto. But they did say every frag event in the future will have these drops so as long as you are patient you will get more lilith souls.

03-23-2018, 01:19 PM
3 HH plus 175 left over and only 230Lillith. Only ever received one x50 Lilith and only had 65 Lilith the first two days. the last day had the highest drop rates for me including the 1 x50 Lillith. I really think they should implement a "lock" of some sort so people don't convert their shards thinking they will be useless after the event. Of those runs I would say that 90% were VII and 10% were X.

03-23-2018, 01:36 PM
the "stupid" future of PVP : 2 groups of players

- one with some high end players that can play many hours a day, with all good toons and bonus
- another with all others players than will can't play vs cheated def teams :)

03-23-2018, 03:57 PM
Got 3 HH and about 100 frags short of a lilith. Not mad, though. Now I know I'm guaranteed a lilith soul the next time they do an event like this.

infinite dreamer
03-23-2018, 05:37 PM
It was a good event. I ended up with 3 HH and 335/500 Lilith frags. I like that the Lilith frags are continuous, so hopefully I get one next event. Wish I got more 3* evo shards out of it though.

03-23-2018, 06:32 PM
Zero hellhounds and zero lilliths. At least I started my lillith fragment collection. The game really needs a way to complete souls for ironite. They already have starter fragments sometimes, so it wouldn't be hard to do.

03-23-2018, 06:56 PM
5 purple dogs and 1 green Lilith with with 3 50 frag drops and 25 frags extra for next time, there is a next time right?

03-23-2018, 08:15 PM
I did some serious grinding got 2 HH & 350 Lilleth frags. Spent a lot of ironite & very disappointed. Strangely I dropped 3 carriage rider eddies in one go after a sacrifice

03-26-2018, 02:05 AM
25 souls, not only did I not get a Lilith, I didnít even get a 4*

03-26-2018, 04:39 AM
I didn't even make 100/500 heh. Saw that stretch and said NOPE. I'll just continue saving frontier coins and get them the slow way.

03-27-2018, 05:39 AM
There will be chances to get Lilith frags in future dungeon events

03-27-2018, 10:23 AM
There will be chances to get Lilith frags in future dungeon events

i think yes or another event for sure