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  1. Is there a better way to open/run frontier keys/dungeons?

    I have around 30+ daily keys, running through them all now for kicks - is there a faster way of burning through them all? I am opening up Book of Souls --> dropping in a key --> running three on...
  2. Any tips on the 'Inflict freeze' achievement (use freeze 800 times)?

    Been working on this like crazy this past 24 hours, ashamed to say how ironite was used. Out of the toons i see that can freeze, i have coalgiver, snowmen (one of each), M-rescuer, S-hellraiser and...
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    Awesome feedback, thank you both! I had...

    Awesome feedback, thank you both! I had forgotten about magus lilith, i remember she was a beast when i put a fortune set on her. Others hit harder so she took a back seat, will dust her off!
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    Damage reduction questions

    So there a few means to reduce allies damage, some questions around that:
    1. If a skill says 'reduce allies damage by x', does it also reduce their own?

    2. Is there a cap on how dmg can be...
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