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  1. Hello Troopers! This event has been extended...

    Hello Troopers!

    This event has been extended by 1 day. It will now end September 26th at 5pm PT.
  2. Hello Troopers, Thank you for your patience....

    Hello Troopers,

    Thank you for your patience. The solution for the issues last night has been pushed.

    Here are the changes we made:
    1) Ghostly Remains is dropping once again in Frontier...
  3. Restless Specter and Ferocious Fangs Issues

    Hello Troopers,

    Thank you so much for the reports you have been sending to us since the start of the Ferocious Fangs event. As many of you have noticed, the start of this event has led to a couple...
  4. Please note: During this event, Sharpened Claws...

    Please note: During this event, Sharpened Claws event currency will only have a chance of dropping in the regular Lord of Light Levels 1-10. Currency will not be dropping in the Lord of Light...
  5. Ferocious Fangs (Fragment) - EVENT POSTPONED TO SEPTEMBER 29TH 5PM PT



    Crush the Lord of Light for event currency to earn select 4⭐ characters!

    From now until September 29th,...
  6. Restless Specter (Boss Run) - Brawl with Bosses for a chance at Sentinel Ronin Yurei!


    A lost wanderer
    Forgotten after his death
    Seeking redemption

    Sometimes, it just takes one wrong move to meet your end. Such was the case for this skilled ronin, now cursed to roam the...
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    Hot Fix - September 17, 2021

    Hello Troopers,

    We've just pushed a server that contains the following fixes:

    Fixed a bug so Senjutsu Eddie now has all the correct skills once awakened
    Swapped out Samurai Emperor Eddie's...
  8. Eternal Shadows (Frontier) - Earn Celestial Awakening Shards + Pharaoh Dog Talismans


    From now until September 21st at 5PM PT, complete Event Challenges in the Mystic Night Frontier Dungeon to earn a variety of rewards, including Occult Orbs (the Eternal Shadows Event...
  9. Wandering Warrior (Variety) - Exclusive chance at the 5* Oni Mongol Warrior!


    Enhanced Warriors
    Demonically corrupted
    Hunger of the soul

    Transformed into a brutish monster, some of the Mongolian forces have been chosen to take the dark gift of Oni corruption. Oni...
  10. Rightful Heir (Raid Boss) - Exclusive Chance at Shogun Prince Koreyasu!


    Emperor's Shogun
    Amaterasu's Chosen
    Son of radiance

    Taking dual blades into battle and following a strict code of justice, the son of the Emperor, Prince Koreyasu is ready to lead...
  11. Update on Raid Boss and Divine Origins Bugs

    Hello Troopers,

    We've received a handful of bug reports since the launch of our new Raid Boss and the start of the Divine Origin Mega Event. I'm happy to report that the following issues have now...
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    Hot Fix - August 31, 2021

    Hello Troopers,

    We've just pushed a server that contains the following fix:

    Fixed a bug so Amaterasu levels IX and X properly reward Raid Boss points
  13. Fortified Revival (Evolution) - Earn Cosmic Talismans and Upgrade Materials!


    Earn Talisman Souls from Event Challenges, and summon to claim GUARANTEED Cosmic Talismans.

    From now until September 16th at 5pm PT, complete Event Challenges by powering up and evolving...
  14. Sticky: Sacrifice September 2021 - Sacrifice for Ice Eddie and Balor!


    Sacrifice rewards for September 2021 feature Ice Eddie and Balor!

    Also new to the Sacrifice store is a series of packs that contain Sentinel Awakening Materials! These packs will give you...
  15. Sticky: Divine Origins Mega-Event - Info and Discussion


    The Divine Origins Mega Event is a series of events that will feature a number of incredible characters and epic rewards.

    Throughout the course of this event you will be able to collect...
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    August 31st, 2021 Update Discussion

    This is the main post to discuss general changes from the recent update.

    You can see the details of the update that has just gone live in the Game Updates forum post.
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    Game Update - August 31st, 2021


    A new update is now available!

    New Raid Boss
    Battle a brand new Raid Boss!

    Goddess Amaterasu is the living embodiment of the sun and looks to punish those who dare stand against her....
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    August 2021 Tuning - UPDATED

    Hello Troopers,

    Here are the Preliminary Tuning Notes for an update coming at the end of this month! Important note: We've listed a number of quality of life fixes that you can expect in the next...
  19. Machine Messiah (Book of Souls) - Summon for the Different World Machine God

    The methodology of Different World inhabitants can be summed up as "Strength in Diversity” however, some fanaticals of the Different World have taken it to mean "Strength of Diversity by Any...
  20. August 2021, Preliminary Tuning - DISCUSSION

    Discuss the August Tuning Notes here!

    Here's a link to our Preliminary Tuning Notes.
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    August 2021 Tuning - PRELIMINARY

    Hello Troopers,

    Here are the Preliminary Tuning Notes for an update coming at the end of this month! Important note: We've listed a number of quality of life fixes that you can expect in the next...
  22. Unified Incursion (Arena) - Exclusive chance at 5★ Different World Caretaker!


    Like clockwork, Different World Caretakers can be found at the bottom levels of mysterious facilities, watching over arcane productions and maintaining the machinery that drives much of the...
  23. Garden of Humanity (Variety) - Earn Cosmic Compassion and Cosmic Red Mask Talismans


    From now until August 25th at 5PM PDT, battle in the Brave New World dungeons for a chance of earning Righteous Currency. Normally, when it drops, you’ll earn 5 or 10 pieces of event...
  24. Galactic Perspective (Dungeon) - Exclusive Chance at 5★ Agent B, Galactic Operative


    --Classified Information--
    MISSION: Different World [REDACTED]
    PRIORITY: Critical

    Agent B[REDACTED] is to be deployed to sector D[REDACTED]-6 aboard a Federation...
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    Sticky: State of the Nation - Summer 2021


    Welcome Troopers to another State of the Nation!

    The last 8 months have been incredibly busy with tons of awesome stuff happening in the game. We’ve celebrated the 40th album Anniversary...
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