Hey guys,

i recently started Marvel strike force, just to see how it compares to LOTB. After getting hooked i played for full two weeks now and i would like to share my first results (could write a roman but will try to keep it as short as possible):

first thing to keep in mind that the budget for MSF is huge compared to lotb. There are much more players, and much more developers so a comparsion is a bit unfair, but letís see what how it goesÖ

What i like better in LOTB:
- The main point is that LOTB is way less pay to win heavy than MSF. You can fasten up your progress a ton if you are a huge spender (a whale). This is much better here, since you can reach everything and compete with everyone once you put in enough time/effort.
- In MSF the Arena system is different. You have 5 free matches a day. The arena never resets but there are daily payouts. So the payout structure is more rewarding, but climbing is strange. If you are at 1000 and fight vs one guy who is 850 and you win, you will simply swap places. The higher your rank the better the rewards ofc. Once your Attempts are used yo can buy more with cores (ironite). Lotb has the better structure i think.
- In msf are no talismans, you level chars up with gold and equip them with different material which boost their stats. You have to farm a lot and boost your char through 11 (?) different giers. Thatí takes forever. But the lack of talismans removes one important component from the game. So the whole combat is more standard with less surprises once you know the chars.

What is better in MSF
- The game came out as a full game with plenty of game modes and content. There is everything lotb has and a ton more (big campaign mode, arena, gauntlet, guilds and raids, daily rewards, satelite 15 and milestone and archievments). So everything NF had to develop in 2 years is there from the beginning, thatíS very impressive.
- In MSF you can farm for almost all characters. You can play a level which can drop character shards 5 times per day for free and hope it will drop shards to complete the char. Itís a PITA but you are sure you will get the char, so this is way better.
Some chars are not farmable, you can only get them via orbs (souls) or during some event. I donít like this because only a few heavy investors get shards of premium toons (top 500 for example)
- No dupes are possible. Once you have a char and he has 3 stars for example, you can farm for more shards to level him up to 4stars and so on.
- You can farm all level instantly if you have cleared them with 3 skulls. Since the game has a ton to do itís no problem at all. This makes the game much less time consuming than lotb despite the different game modes.
- In arena every character has a a specific speed. The fastest char go first then the 2nd fastest and so on. So there is no coinflip, this feels more fair than a completly turn based system.
- Some ingame currency got cut down a alot after the beta and the players got a huge compensation of 3000 power cores (worth of 40Ä). They seem to care more about the feelings oft he players so far.
- The guilds/raids feature is just great. You can work together to finish some complex raids and to get some rewards. You can chat with your guildmates and itís fun (even the chat is crap)

Donít wanna blow up this thread too much. If you have more comments/quastions just ask. If you wanna join our alliance just pm me. we have some very known LOTB players out there and we are working to get a solid group together to crush the game.
BTW: Itís possible to play both games at the same time if you are on the PC using an emulator. No idea how long i will continue to do so, but for now it works okayish.