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    I no what all of you are talking about, my situation was the same but different, On eternal souls which I have done now about ten times roughly I guess, my first was the clairvoyant then 3 x wraths in a row, beaselbub, then the rest were all wraths, I had to use coins to get Eternity Eddie.
    Troopers I have done 5 or 6 times all but one were Lady Azov the other being bastion, again I had to use coins for The Trooper Eddie.
    Only last night did I get Astra for the first time through the latest event.
    I have complained to support about this very thing quite a few times, perhaps once you have gathered the toons you want the odds for re gathering them should get smaller?
    Problem is then it will take longer to get the vortex around and the ramifications of that..
    B.t.w when your getting what you want your perception changes,I suggest hanging in there and working hard to get the toons that are guaranteed when they do show up in events etc

    Just trying to help...
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    The RNG is totally ridiculous and they know that, they just don't want you have all good characters
    I play all troopers all days.

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    I opened 8 HS I got in the even and the world wonder with 7 gunner dogs I guess I'll have to steal the hatch for the abandoned dogs

    sorry my language pls

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