Sup all.

Yeah I know, another good bye thread...

But, that's the way it is, they are really getting what they want, the most proactive players are leaving or entering an hiatus state. And the big fish ones staying.

I was with this though of just letting it go for quite a while, and one of the most recent of Sparton_LOTB's post was the nail in the coffin for me.

This game helped me go through a LOT, something to keep me distracted, or awake on several nights at the hospital, helped me endure my 2nd Dad's cancer surgery (his fine btw, lost taste, smell and voice, but he is enduring), helped me go through the recent (3 weeks ago) loss of my second daughter (stillborn). And serveral other minor stuff, that I though was serious before my recent events, life is indeed a strange thing.

Anyway, why the hell I just shared all that with you all, first because sometimes is nice to just let it out of our chests, and second I feel home in this community, this forum holds by a really long far, the best game community I have been part of. I have nothing but respect for all here.

But as I said earlier, a particular Sparton_LOTB's reply got me thinking...

Specially this part: "Characters, not features, make the money".

This just felt like a punch at my face...

Ok I get it, IF the system worked as intended then this could at least be a fair and acceptable thing, but the way RNG works here is just BS, there is several posts regarding the strange behavior on souls, where you get the same toons one after another.

Fair RNG HUH!? (Link to one of the examples of how awesome the RNG is here).

And on Discord a friend just posted a picture with follow-ups Trickmasters showing up (repeated 4 Stars toons in a row, could've been Astra or any usefull char).

So that comment felt so wrong to me in so many ways it would take a long time just for me to express myself, so I prefer to just let it go.

And the Bugs...

OMG there is so many bugs, that you know, they don't even care about fixing then, Hell, they just released a "Immune to negative effects" Eddie that gets affected by HP decrease and Prisoner. that costs just $200, OK you get a bunch of other things on the deal, the value may be there, but honestly if you bought the packs was to get Alexander Eddie alone, the other stuff is there just so you can try and feel better about buying it.

And the reason behind those prices is: "but it's also pretty apparent when you look at other games with similar business models as ours."

Huh? Yeah, so you are just copying another company business model? Do you know that the good games, the ones that asks heavy money for some nonsense deals actually and at least have:
Just to say a few...
- Guilds.
- Co-op Events.
- Chat.
- Real new content every 1 to 3 months.

But I get it... New content, and Bug fixing are not Characters right? and "Characters, not features, make the money".

Anyway, after a LOT and I mean A LOT of dedication from your players (or should I just call ourselves "beta-testers"), cause we provided a lot of data, suggestion and feedback that would put quite a few QC teams to shame.

And what do we get in return?

I mean I love this game, I'm a huge fan of the Band and of Eddie, and to be fair this game has an amazing art style and battle system (bugs aside).

But that's it, we players, love the game, but the company behind it??? LOL, we are just number$ for then after all.

Ok, I know, the post got longer, like much longer then intended, but don't worry PkFrog this one has a big chance of being the last one I start, maybe some replies to say hello to the people that made me stay this long.

Anyway, sorry about the really long post.

I bid farewell my friends, I will not remove anyone from my Troopers list, cause I do care about you all, and I just can't "delete" any of you from there, but feel free to replace me if you wish, I don't think I will have the will to even play my Troopers anymore.

And please, always remember: "Characters, not features, make the money."

... Commander Ed. Really Out!.