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    The nail in the coffin... State of the Union Players Side

    Hi Troopers, Devs,

    Following the recent events and feedback on both the Forums and the Facebook page, I think it is time for things to drastically change to avoid a dead end that nobody really wants.

    The level of disappointment amongst players has never been so high and it is a real shame as potential is clearly there but it seems that the big difference in the last couple of months is that this frustration is now also shared by NF.

    In a recent post, Sparton clearly let his frustration out and exposed the current direction the game is taking: “characters not content generates revenue”.

    This I believe is the root cause of all our woes as the constant introduction of new (very often useless) toons can only make those key toons harder to get and take the excitement of opening souls away.

    Although Heroic souls are getting in the right direction they are very periodic and it may tels months for some players to see the toon they really need.

    In my view the issue is that Legendary Souls often results in Massive Disapointment with characters that are anything but Legendary and that common souls are rendered useless by the sheer number of possibilities of anything but what you want. But the real problem are event souls, they are populated with toons nobody cares about and say one thing: “players, we do not give a damn about the time and money you invest in the game”... the solution I proposed earlier this week seems to be the only valid one here as it will both reward users with the highlighted toon and reward NF with revenue.

    Basically each Event Soul opened gives a fragment of the highlighted character and a maximum of 50 opened Event Souls will therefore reward that highlighted toon. More than fair I would say... with this scheme more players will actually be pushing the 4000 ironites purchased button after not getting the highlighted toon through the 10 earnable Event Souls from challenges. Without this, the game will die...

    To me the nail in the coffin is the current Immortal Event which should have been the biggest thing of the Year to date and was clearly designed to limit the number of rewards to 2 for most players unlike last year where most players got 4 or 5 and actually spent to reach those levels. This year, most people gave up just by reading the announcement of the event... I am not saying this as a personal rant as I have all the Eddies in the game, I am concerned that short term revenue chase will lead players away and ultimately destroy a game we love and for which we devoted a lot time, money and passion.

    Please please please be considerate about the time we all invest and let the players be rewarded. Rewards will pay off way more than frustration for NF and the band as well.

    I would challenge Sparton’s comment on Characters Vs Content as well. This is true short term and we are reaching the end of “short term”. Even the most dedicated and stubborn players like me are getting tired of the endless grinding, we need to discover (new Worlds) or compete (PvP or Gauntlet) not grind. This is why unlike many I find relics very good, it gives us something else to fight for and be competitive, the gap is normal, what has to be balanced are the rewards for each tier.

    Another point is please do not over evaluate your payable rewards and under evaluate the compensation you give, this clearly gives out a “we could not care less message”. Most of us could not play at all on the first 30 hours of the Immortal Event as the servers were clearly failing, no acknowledgement, no apologies, probably no compensations but most importantly if there is a compensation, make it an Immortal Soul, not 150 Ironite, as this extremely low amount compared to the high amount you charge for things is insulting. People saved us, anticipated, anxiously waited for this event and got nothing because the servers were down, the drop rates were beyond stupid and the grinding requirements beyond exaggerated...

    All in all, we are Iron Maiden’s fans and the game should not be a cash grab but a reward which makes a bit of money for the band. Right now it seems like a Iron Maiden’s game with a Justin Bieber business model...

    Please, please, please listen for once, there is still time to change...

    And please respond as well to some of our questions such as when and how are Souls decided. To ignore us on this is also insulting...
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