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    The one thing you got right earlier this month is that you allowed users to purchase the Gemini twins at a higher frag price. That way, no matter what the effort, there was a payoff. With the Immortal Souls event, I spend 1900 Ironite and received 3 dupe Eddies. Now I did received a lot of shards and gold, but the payoff was zilch for what I was trying to accomplish. Discuss with the team a 'high' price purchase that the user can chose something themselves. That way the 40 hours straight my phone was running your APP could have had a payoff. When this event comes around again, I will not dare spend that much time and resources again. And I am not the only one. To continue to be successful or whatever you call it, you have to guarantee something for all users in this realm to be satisfied with. Whether its 2 Eddie for a new user or one for a player since day one who watch the Ad for the game at a concert in Tacoma, Washington in 2016.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparton_LOTB View Post
    I absolutely misjudged when I said the event would be "better", .
    Sparton, this is the main issue here. The choice of words. The "older" player base was expecting more. This event probably would have benefited from the use of the tiered battles system. 1000 wins earns X souls or X souls fragments. Leaving the player to choose how far to go.

    The bad taste in my mouth came from being able to predict my Eddies from the forum. This needs an explanation. I knew that my odds were low to receive the two Eddies I'm missing but this just doesn't feel right.

    To me, it's simple, I speak with my wallet. This can be verified by my account. I will no longer spend a dime on a "game" that does not return on my investment. All I see, moving forward, is a money grab, which is an insult to the Iron Maiden brand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparton_LOTB View Post
    The event last year allowed getting fragments at any floor, including Floor I. I literally used the same drop tables as last year, just pasting over older values with revised ones.

    The drop rates are better the higher you go, like with any of our events that have this structure, but we've never made it so you needed to clear a certain floor or higher to be able to get fragments.
    I then, apologize for my memory on that matter. Perhaps I felt I was getting a low drop rate, and it would have been better at higher levels. I do remember a lot of older players loving the event and being frustrated that I wasn't getting anywhere. So I do appreciate that matter trying to being addressed. Too bad i couldn't have cashed in last year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparton_LOTB View Post
    I absolutely misjudged when I said the event would be "better", no doubt about it. It basically came about for two reasons:

    That's definitely something I'll be more mindful of in the future.
    I gotta say, I commend you for coming in here and trying to explain. I'm sure this wasn't at the top of your list today.
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    What about those of us not able to play for 2/3 of the event due to server issues... was that also not a problem based on data analysis...
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    It means alot to come up and try to level with us on the thoughts behind the makings of the event, but I still think that reducing the drop rate of fragments was a poor decision in all regards.

    There's always gonna be those players who are gonna get a ton of value out of whatever event is going on at the time. For the guy or girl who got 15 immortal souls last year, that sounds like a ton of free time, little sleep and alot of money. It doesn't sound like a flaw in the event.

    I like to think of this event as one big messy line, and on that line is the entire player base ranging from new to old players. The new ones certainly won't benefit as much as the old ones in any regard because the old ones have more resources and more experience in the game. The difference is that last year, the line was rather jagged due to the difference in the players with good builds and alot of Ironite and those without.

    This year you guys tried to level this line out by offering one "free" soul and lowering the possible amount of extra souls one could get. All in all, I feel like doing this has actually reduced the amount of souls in general that everyone is going to get,

    So instead of

    player A getting 3 souls
    Player B getting 5 souls
    and Player C getting 2 souls

    It's more like
    Player A gets 2 souls
    Player B gets 3 souls
    and Player C gets no souls

    It may have looked good on paper but for someone who doesn't have enough ironite to get even the 1 free soul in this event, it's really a waste of time and what little ironite they have, when last year they certainly would have gotten at least one soul for the same amount.
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    Well I'm not going anywhere! I appreciate Sparton's effort to give us all some feedback good or bad, whilst I realise many here have bonified arguments, I'm simply grateful for the effort shown in getting back to us.
    I find myself wondering when I put down my thoughts on these forums, is anyone gonna read this? are the Devs even looking at what's being written here?
    Well I guess we have an answer!
    So Thanks Sparton! however it is received the feedback is appreciated!

    I was mostly bothered by how closely the light of the immortal event ran back to back with the previous one, which left me very short on ironite and unwilling to put more money into the game to rectify the situation.
    So I got 1 x 5* dupe Pharoah Eddie (it's always Pharoah Eddie with me) and 168/500 fragments for my next immortal soul.
    It just did not seem to drop fragments in the same rate towards the end of the event as it did at the beginning...

    So my question for you Sparton is should we keep the immortal soul fragments for future events? Or will they become redundant and replaced with an upgraded immortal soul frag?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparton_LOTB View Post
    This post is a follow up for the Light of the Immortal event that ran last weekend.

    Our team sat down and discussed the event, its implementation, and the learnings for the future. This event in particular is a great opportunity to bring the community into our process on event design and its particular goals given that this is similar to an event that ran approximately a year ago.

    The goal of the event was to replicate what we offered last year but with a more even distribution of 5 star characters acquired across our players. Everyone should have been able to get 2-4 Immortal souls during the event (team speed/Ironite permitting).

    Since the aim was for a more balanced experience where all our players could walk away with at least 1 high value Eddie, my solution was to use event challenges. These challenges provided a very clear goal to get one Immortal Soul, and if you completed them all, you’d have solid progress on getting a second.

    Overall, that worked as intended; a far higher percentage of our player base got at least one soul during this year’s event compared to last year’s version.

    Last year also had a target of approximately 4 souls. However, due to a variety of unforeseen factors, there was a massive disparity of early to mid game players literally getting nothing, and some late game players receiving a very large amount of Souls (in excess of 10-15 in some cases). While that was a windfall for some, it wasn’t balanced or fair for all.

    Ultimately, while we understand that people were expecting the event to be as generous as last year's, we wanted to be open and transparent about how we got to this point. We believe the game will be more enjoyable if we better distribute the ability to collect high-value characters throughout the year rather than piling that into a single event. This is why we have introduced Frontier Coins, Lilith Souls, and Heroic Souls, and are working on more ways for you to get the specific characters you want.

    We’re working with an ever evolving experience, and your feedback is important as we move forward.
    Right - let's take out all the unnecessary parts and take a look what's left: We are right! Nothing will change! Have less to enjoy more! Grind, sheep! Grind!

    By Have less to enjoy more I of course mean have even less less because it's not like the slot machine is very generous in 1st place

    With all those ever repeating chores (I refuse to call them events now) the devs are just are just deflecting the fact that new content is months away.

    I don't know but I really have a different view on long term motivation - it's certainly not Grind for 1 year that the RNG god might give you the character you want!

    The lactose intolerant answer in this thread comes closest to what I thought reading this try to justify the best event ever (and those server errors we try to stick under the carpet - and those odd double dupes - we won't even touch that with a 10" pole!).
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    Seems to be resources to grind for something keep getting greater and greater while the rewards for grinding keep getting worse and worse. The Immortal Event proves this theory.

    I'm not buying the "spin". I see NF as testing the limits of their player base by making events slowly cost more resources and then slowly decreasing the rewards. I see price testing essentially, to find out what they can get away with. Events this month have markedly cost more ironite to achieve and absolutely offered less rewards.

    Clansman Eddie is a natural 5 star.. so why is he only worth 10,000 essence at max and not the 12,000 like other 5 Star Eddies??
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    TThanks to Sparton for coming back to the community - appreciated.

    But, like others this event was not 'better' in any way. That is fine as we knew the odds and it was, as was said, a poor choice of words - that can happen. But, nothing said about the server issues many faced? Nothing said about why no 50 frag drops this time?

    I must fit the average on this event - I got two souls and played quite hard to get them - no way I could do 4 that is for sure. Once i got to 2 frags over for my second I stopped. it was an expensive ironite grind for sure but in the end I was OK with that but the two Vikings (saw others get the same) was surely a minor odds miracle - what are the chances of two of the same dropping as it did for many? Oh well!

    What has been said in general backs up the 'recent' change in the direction of the game - to serve or better serve newer players and to be honest that make sense as I am sure as long termer are in the minority when you look at the different levels/bands of player type we fall into.

    Playing on my kids accounts where they are really low in PVP I can see lots of teams under level 30 that have a great Eddie - it took them ages to get a decent Eddie as they started a long time ago but only dip in and out and are not serious daily players. Getting Soldier Eddie was the main break though on one account - Visions on it makes sense to give the new guys access or easier access to at least one potentially decent Eddie so that they can progress to mid-level sooner - that group will still be doing PVE lots like my kids do and they will need to get a decent Ed and a few toons to get to mid-level to get that set of decent 5 stars to complete the game - NF have to help these guys as they are likely to be less Maiden maniacs as they would have discovered the game years or many months ago and not now. It can’t just be people getting their first ticket to see them on the LOTB tour can it!?

    Anyway, I get the newer approach - it makes business sense in the short-term and I imaging that once the tour is nearly done or done we will then get the next stage in new content so that they can throw all this at a hopefully bigger player base - all very logical I think. It test us long term player patience I guess but what will another four or five months of grind change - nothing really that we have not been doing for over a year or more anyway and most of us are still here.

    I hope we do get the new content soon - the new player uptake over the coming months (one presumes anyway) due to the focus of the tour and also the massive increase in adverts for the game (anyone else notice Facebook adverts going through the roof over the last weeks or so?) may mean that the going forward plan will work for the game and for the money side - we will then get the new content I think in August or so.

    Anyway, not too long to wait and really keen to see the new tour list of songs and not too long to wait for that which is great. Still not got my ticket yet as it is a fair trip for me - want to see the list of tunes first!
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    I see no hope here. Later guys.


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