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    General Legacy of the Beast Tips


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    Collect as many souls as you can on your journey. Use the Book of Souls to unlock more Eddies (and a whole cast of other characters). If your Eddie is low on health, itís a good time to swap him out for another.

    Building Your Team

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    Try out different characters and all of their skills. You may discover a team synergy or character combination that you wouldn't think of if you were only reading their skill descriptions. With five different character classes, each with different play styles, there are virtually unlimited opportunities to create powerful teams with unique synergies. To sort available characters, go to the ĎMy Teamí screen and tap on the three horizontal lines on the left. When you do get a new character, it's not a bad idea to go back to an easier level to experiment with their skills. If you no longer need a character, you can sell it for gold, but remember that selling is irreversible.

    Each character, depending on their level and power ups, has a value associated with them. When choosing your team of characters to fight with, you may not exceed the max Party Cost for your profile's Rank. To free up Party Cost, consider using low rank spare Eddies or leaving them out.

    General Gameplay

    By default, Eddie attacks first in battle, but you may tap on a different character to select them and tap on any enemy to target. Many skills can enhance your team's stats or abilities, so choosing your team's attack order is very important!

    Game speed is adjustable. You can double the speed at any time during battle if you need to squeeze in just another round to get that loot! But beware - at 2x speed the skill-timing components of the game become harder. Set your game to 1x Speed and use multiple fingers to tap as fast as possible during battles.

    Extra items can be sold for Gold, but if you want more items in your inventory, you can buy more slots - just click the Ď+í sign at the far right of your items.

    If you start finding it hard to beat levels, go back and replay previous levels or worlds on harder difficulties to earn experience, level up, and find more loot.


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    Most of your power will come from Talismans - the stats from each one you equip as well as bonuses from Talisman Sets. Colour is not to be ignored and in general itís a good idea to match colours where you can.
    • Not sure which Talismans are good for a Magus (blue) character? First, check the blue Talismans you own.
    • To upgrade Characters and Talismans, use the same colour Shard/Rune as the character to gain bonus experience.
    • Become familiar with Affinity Advantage to deal extra damage to an enemy.
    • To unlock more slots for Talismans, evolve your character to a higher Star Level.
    • If you equip multiples of the same Talisman you can make a set which will grant further bonuses.


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    Evolution Shards are very valuable. While you can use them for powering up characters in a pinch, it is wise to save them for their actual purpose of evolving characters.

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    Skill Shards are extremely rare. Wait until you've identified your favourite or most used characters before applying them.


    The Troopers feature allows you to use your friend's characters in your own game, earning both you and your friend Trooper Badges which you can spend in the Store to buy class-specific souls. Be sure to use your available Troopers every day. Not doing so is saying no to free Trooper Badges!

    Note: When using Search, you will need your friend's complete username, including the 4 digits at the end.

    Tips for Completing Objectives

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    • Power Abilities are only available if your team has enough power. This objective is easier if you bring in characters that have abilities with lower power cost.
    • Fury is generated when you use power abilities or are hit. So using low power-cost abilities without killing the enemy quickly will help you achieve this objective.
    • Special Moves are any Eddie's special ability. They are only available when the Fury Meter is full.

    Do you have your own tips? Reply to the thread below!
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    What extra benifits do we have. Being founders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorick5270 View Post
    What extra benifits do we have. Being founders.
    The Founders Packs only contain physical merchandise (except Legacy) along with the art book PDF and access to the restricted Founders Forums.

    If you purchased an optional Android Game Pack with your Founders Pack, you would have received a code to redeem in-game to receive exclusive Eddies plus currency and talismans. The Eddie(s), amount of currency, and which talismans vary depending on the Founders Pack you purchased.

    If you purchased a Game Pack and you did not receive an email with your code to redeem in-game, please check your Spam or Junk Mail. If you do not find it there, please email and include your order IML #.
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    Skill shard farming

    This is my first time posting, so I am sorry if this is the wrong spot for this question.

    I have a lot of characters that I need skill shards for, and I'm curious if anyone has any tips on farming for skill shards.

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    You can get a load of skill shards from clan souls from the raid bosses.
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    Skill Shards can be difficult to farm initially, but it wont take too long before you have more of them than you'll ever be able to use. They can drop from almost all high-level content, such as Frontier Dungeon, Event Dungeons, Raids, Clan Souls, Sacrifice rewards, and event rewards. However, they often have very low drop rates, making them hard to intentionally farm. Over time though, you'll end up with plenty of them just by playing the game. So don't worry too much about it.

    The damage boosts from Skill Shards can be significant, but it's not really something you need to worry about too much at the start/middle of the game. If you only have a few skill shards, prioritise the characters you use the most, and I'd also recommend using them on your favourite Ally characters first instead of your Eddies. Because you can't choose which ability gets improved, they are picked at random, you're more likely to have them work on the ability you wanted to improve on an ally which only has 2-3 abilities compared with an Eddie who can have up to 7 abilities to improve. Another way to conserve your skill shards is to use them one at a time, especially if you only want one of a character's abilities to be boosted. Using one at a time, you might get lucky and have your preferred ability maxed out early.

    Best of luck!

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