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    Game Update - June 6th, 2018

    A monthly update to help continue to refine and improve the Legacy of the Beast experience.

    Holy Smoke Eddie Sports a Tour T-Shirt!

    To celebrate the recently-started Legacy of the Beast European Tour 2018, the starter Eddie has switched out his Holy Smoke-inspired jacket for a tour T-Shirt!

    Name:  Tour_T-Shirt_Eddie_Forum.png
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    We will swap Eddie back to his original jacket at a later date.

    Character Tuning

    Changes since preliminary notes in blue.

    Name:  LOTB_TuningPreview_May_28_s_v2.png
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    PVP Changes

    • Adjusted VP calculation to make it easier to get more points on attack wins
    • Fixed an issue where the results screen would occasionally display a 0 points change for one or both players (even though points were changing correctly)
    • Fixed an issue where certain Fury skill cameras would clip into scenery within the Cathedral environment

    My Team Changes

    • Improved navigation when equipping talismans to better maintain your position in the list in more cases where it would be useful to do so
    • When powering up a character or talisman, the closest-rarity same-colour XP material is automatically selected to reduce taps needed (you can still change what materials or what quantities will be used before expending resources)
    • Fixed an issue where Evo Runes failed to be sorted to the back of the list when powering up a talisman
    • Fixed an issue where Skill Shard info could overlap with power up bonus info when powering up a character
    • Fixed issue where selecting Purple XP Shards to power up an Assassin had white FX instead of purple

    Store Changes

    • Added options to purchase fragments for the following characters once a week with Trooper Badges: Warrior Child of the Damned, Seventh Son Eddie, Piece of Mind Eddie, Cyborg Eddie, Vampire Hunter Eddie
    • Revised presentation of Heroic Soul-related packs in the store to look more metal
    • Revised various class soul carousel lists to encompass newer characters
    • Fixed an issue where the store may no longer show items after purchasing something
    • Fixed an issue where the wrong items may populate a store tab after purchasing something
    • Fixed an issue where items may not show up as locked after purchasing them the last available time, based on that item’s restrictions
    • Fixed an issue where you may not be correctly directed to an appropriate Store tab after being directed there due to having insufficient currency
    • Fixed an case where the currencies may not be displayed when entering the Store
    • Fixed an issue where item names may not appear correctly when scrolling through the list

    Offers Changes

    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect icon may sometimes show up in the Main HUB based on your current offers

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    • Revised landing screen to match tour backdrop
    • Added the Trooper Badges currency bar to the default list of currencies shown on the Main HUB for ease of access to the Trooper Store
    • Fixed an issue where players on certain devices would crash when loading into certain levels
    • Fixed an issue which could cause an increase in crashes in general since the last hotfix update
    • Fixed an issue where the game would hang if returning to the Main HUB after unlocking both Kingdom of the Sands and the Arena at the same time
    • Fixed an issue where time until next Sands of Time or Sands of War was not displaying
    • Fixed an issue where two loading screens would be shown when loading into battle
    • Fixed an issue where the combat speed would fluctuate between waves while Auto Battle is active (with or without using the Auto-Replay feature)
    • Fixed an issue where audio for Eddie’s yell would not always play correctly depending on combat speed
    • Fixed an issue where the Trooper music wouldn’t always play correctly during Trooper Eddie’s fury
    • Fixed an issue where you could end up with no Eddie when using Auto-Replay
    • Fixed an issue where previously earned items were not displaying in player accounts (this may result in new items appearing in player accounts after the update)


    • July 7th Hotfix: The 5★ Character Fragments are available again in the Trooper Store
    • July 7th Hotfix: Fixed the issue preventing the Warrior and Assassin Child of the Damned's Passive Attacks from functioning correctly
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