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    this ranking mechanisam is bad because you can have 3000 points and still not in first 250 players,i don't understand what devs think ehen they make ranking like this...

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    I could give you a very detailed run down of the 7ish characters I use in my pvp builds, who they are, the talismans, and why I do what I do, etc. even if you dont have the characters, it could provide some insight as to my thought process, and how to cover strengths and weaknesses, and pair certain characters with others.

    I either run 7Son/Beast Eddie. And the rest of the toons I play around with are: Golden pharaoh dog, astra (purple Valkyrie), green harpy, magus Lilith, and goddess asset. Let me know if you want to hear more, Id love to explain the hows and whys of my team to possibly help you figure something out similar

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    Are you just trying to get the achievement?

    Cos if so, yes, improve your team, but finish as high as you can at the end of the week (higher values get you more starting points for the next week) and start early on the first day of the new playing week. The achievement only needs you to HIT Warlord I level, not stay there till the end of the week.
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