(As a note, yes I also posted most of this in the sticky thread about him, but this might attract more eyes)

So I just got him to drop from a legendary during a high sacrifice, so, how to run him? Well assassins seem to be good in his purple slots, 1 set alone and itís already like +1,100 to attack stats. Alternatively immortal for some survivability, and fate for the same, along with ascension which could really add up in the damage. But what do we think about his free slots? My common go to is energy, especially on characters that have great basic attacks such as astra, and it adds more health than a lot of them. Any more suggestions?

Also, what do we think would be good to run him with? For me personally I havenít taken of astra in a long time, or Golden pharaoh dog for the survivability and constant heal/immunity. My green harpy as nice as she is to come in and save the day when everyone else is stunned, cleanse dog, and dog keeps it from happening again later, there may just be better things to put with it.

Beast Eddie is one of the only eddies to even make me consider taking off seventh son, the guaranteed effects are just so useful, not to mention all immortality