Capitalize on special deals and get souls for an EXCLUSIVE CHANCE at the first God of Powerslave: Goddess Aset!

Goddess Aset has arrived from the Kingdom of the Sands to make her collectable debut as a 5★ Magus in Legacy of the Beast. She supports her team by wearing enemies down with True Burns and removing beneficial effects (including Golden Effects), while being able to heal and grant a wide variety of beneficial effects. Her fury, Tears of Sorrow, will revive and heal all allies, provide each ally with Endure/Immunity/Invincibility, and then increase the duration of all beneficial effects on the team!

From now until June 25th, 5 PM PT, the Nile Soul has become available! The Nile Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class, with an exclusive chance of getting Goddess Aset, which has never been a collectable character before!

Goddess Aset is the first God to be released as part of the Gods of Powerslave Mega-Event. This is a series of events that will be running until the end of the summer where you can work towards earning the five different Gods of Powerslave! Even if you don’t get Goddess Aset in this event, you’ll be able to work towards a guaranteed soul for her (or another God of Powerslave) over the course of the Mega-Event.

You can find out more in the Gods of Powerslave Mega-Event thread.

During the course of the event, various fragments are available to collect:

  • In all 4 of the Cosmos worlds, there’s a chance to earn Precious Soul Fragments, which can reward Sacrificial Hearts and Golden Idols of varying values (Ailing Kingdom, Kingdom of the Sands, Battlefield, and Underworld)
  • In Skull Quests, there’s a chance to earn Nile Soul Fragments from each quest. You can also buy these fragments from the store for Gold! Collect 200 Fragments to earn a Nile Soul for your chance at Goddess Aset!
  • There are event challenges which require spending various amounts of Gold. Complete challenges to earn Seventh Son Eddie Fragments!

But that’s not all! There’s some special new deals to take advantage of in the Store, with almost all of them available to be purchased for Gold! All of the following is available for the duration of the event:

  • Nile Souls in sets of 1, 3, or 10 (100, 300, or 900 Ironite respectively, unlimited availability)
  • Nile Soul Fragments (100K Gold, 1/day)
  • Ironite x75 (150K Gold, 1/event)
  • Ironite x100 (500K Gold, 1/event)
  • Skill Shard x3 (1.5M Gold, 1/event)
  • XP Boost for 24 hours (50K Gold, 1/day)
  • 5★ XP Shards x15 (100K Gold, 1/day)
  • 5★ XP Runes x15 (200K Gold, 1/day)
  • Lilith Fragments x50 (1M Gold, 1/day)
  • Eternity Fragments x50 (1M Gold, 1/event)
  • Trooper Fragments x100 (500K Gold, 1/event)
  • Frontier Coins x100 (3M Gold, 1/event)
  • Legendary Soul x1 (Guaranteed 4-5★ of any class! 5M Gold, 1/event)
  • Warrior Legendary Soul x1 (Guaranteed 4-5★ WARRIORS only! 10M Gold, 1/event)
  • Magus Legendary Soul x1 (Guaranteed 4-5★ MAGUSES only! 10M Gold, 1/event)
  • Sentinel Legendary Soul x1 (Guaranteed 4-5★ SENTINELS only! 10M Gold, 1/event)
  • Gunner Legendary Soul x1 (Guaranteed 4-5★ GUNNERS only! 15M Gold, 1/event)
  • Assassin Legendary Soul x1 (Guaranteed 4-5★ ASSASSINS only! 15M Gold, 1/event)

Because this event is part of a larger event that spans across the season, this event thread will be closed for discussion. To discuss this and future Gods of Powerslave events with players, see the Gods of Powerslave Mega-Event thread