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    Q: Best Locations to farm Gold

    I started to play after a while and I noticed gold has become much more important. I searched the forum but couldn't find an answer. Any strategies on gold farming?

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    Not counting accrued SOT via rewards or timer countdown, or gold from selling reward items such as talismans or shards.....

    Powerslave (Madness):
    80 SOT / 4 SOT per run = 20 runs * ~6958 = ~139,160 Gold for every 80 SOT

    A Matter of Life or Death (Madness):
    80 SOT / 5 SOT per run = 16 runs * ~8789 = ~140,624 Gold for every 80 SOT

    Number of the Beast (Madness):
    80 SOT / 5 SOT per run = 16 runs * ~9335 = ~149,360 Gold for every 80 SOT

    They are all relatively close. Powerslave runs tend to go the quickest averaging about 45 seconds and they are the easiest if you don't have high powered characters. AMoLoD and NotB average about 1 minute per run (1 hit kills except the Beast) but they do take more powerful characters.

    There's little reason to run AMoLoD over Powerslave for Gold. AMoLoD is better if you also need the evo runes or stones... but for Gold, Powerslave is faster, easier, and pays out about the same amount.

    I haven't found a team to auto-farm NotB without Alexander Eddie. None of the other Eddies will survive every time in NotB - some will do well, but anything other than Alex Ed will lose NotB occasionally on auto-replay. Alex Ed never loses NotB.
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