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    How can I find a player’s 4 digit number after their username?

    I want to be able to find top players to request that they become a fellow trooper or at the least to be able to look at their team and see how they have their talismans equipped and what toons they have improved etc. this cannot be done via the search feature without the 4 digit number after the username. For example my name is Woody-0350 but I couldn’t be searched for by just Woody. I have troopers from when the game came out that have stopped playing so I don’t get badges from them. I have removed some but can’t seem to get many more. If anyone wants to request me as a trooped so I can get some badges again that would be great. Also if there is a way to find the 4 digit number after the username that would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance for any assistance y’all!

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    There is no specific method to find out the numbers, you just have to watch through forums, sometimes it’s on players signature, find out players names, post in „official thread to find troopers“, communicate on forums or PM, .... Good luck!

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    The only way I know is to find them here on the forums. If you need troopers though your best bet is to post here. I have noticed that searching from the Trooper tab only yields players that have only logged in within the last 6 days so most of them do not accept the requests.!
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