Hi everybody, with the dungeons i got materials to get a char to 4* but i dont know who must be the choosen one, there are a few problems with the pick, so i need some help of you.

The chars that i can evolve are:
-Red eddie (starter) -Undead allien soldier (green) -Golden son (red)
-Soldier eddie -demon dog (red) -Allied soldier (green)
-Mummy eddie -newborn of light (green)
-Speed of light eddie -Souless demon (purple and red)

Now the problems are, some days ago i got a pharaoh eddie 5*, so i spend all my resourses to power up green talismans, that i dont have any above 2*. My line up is formed by a carrige rider eddie 4* (with all talismasn 4* and one 5*), pharaoh 5* (recently), allied soldier 4* (blue, with 4* talismans mostly blue) and a axis bomber boy 4* (red, with 3* talismans red and purple) and this char is who i rotate to put another in some levels, so my doubt is who evolve, since i dont have decent talismans apart from that i use in other chars, and in my inventory i only have some useless 3* blind, cyclone shield, all the others that i have are 1 and 2*, I havent finish underworld in madness and left last 3 battles in hard. Which character of the list above is the best in my situation get to 4*?