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    Zagreb, Croatia

    LotB tour - Zagreb 7/24/18 - one day in life

    Hola everyone. Up the Irons!
    Yesterday we were honored to have IM here in Zagreb. In a small city as this, for one day, the whole town lived and breathed for IM. For all the fans and Legacy players, Mr. slauki and I wanted wanted to give you a tribute and a reflection in a form of 'one day in life'.

    I can understand this is not the best section of forum for this post, but why not

    So here it goes.
    The day before the show, don slauki came to Zagreb and 20h before the show we went for a beer (trooper ofc), and we saw this guy walking around:
    Name:  IMG-20180723-WA0000.jpg
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    in order of appearance(left to right): some guy very cool mofo(thank you JG), Caretaker, don slauki

    4 hours till the show slauki and I meet again to make our tribute in a form of poster. Many thanks to the mofos who helped with the idea!
    We took a shot of it in front of arena. I hope you players like it:
    Name:  20180724_185928 (1024x576).jpg
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    and one appropriate from the inside of the arena
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    After that the show was on! Amazing scenes and performance! Thank you IM!
    Name:  20180724_221940 (1280x720).jpg
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    when the show was over, scraps left and one of my friends was lucky enough!
    Name:  20180725_002735 (449x800).jpg
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    After party and stuff and it has been a great day in mofo's life.
    As they would say... so untill the next time, have a good sin!
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    Hahahahaha! Looks like a fantastic day! Rock on! \m/
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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing your day with us, Caretaker and slauki! Up the Irons, my friends!
    Magma Beast Eddie
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    What an amazing photo of 3 of the greatest guys on the earth...

    A big hug my friends CT, Slauki and Janick!! LOL!
    English is not my native language

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    That is awesome!!!!!
    Daily Player
    This game is going to get me fired one day...

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    Superb! Pictures, Janick is showing off, he summoned 2 legendary Mofos at the same time

    I'd like to think that when I die
    I'd get a chance another time
    And to return and live again
    Reincarnate, play the game
    Again and again and again.

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    great post amigo, this was my 5th and best concert so far and i really got a bit nostalgic about the game. such a great band with so much power and energy in such a high age, just impressive and inspiring.

    hope the north and south american guys will have the opportunity to watch it soon.

    just a side info:usually we had iron maiden art letters, but the copyshop didn't have the fonts installed (ofc) so we fucked the poster up a bit, but well our message was clear
    just sad we didn't get autographs of the band members, that would have been too funny.
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    Amazing dear mofos! Wish i was able to join you guys there. I could've bring a huge corrupted ox soul poster with me
    Up the Irons and Apmas! \m/ \m/ \m/
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    That is awesome! Cheers troopers!

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    Nice picts!

    That sign is hilarious (even though it's sad to know how true it is...) Hopefully the server issues will get resolved soon. The engineers have been working hard every day to try and fix the problems, but it's not been an easy task. Unfortunately the issues go back to fundamental flaws with the original architecture and code that these guys have inherited and have to sort through. A spider's nest of AMPA.


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