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    I've created a handy guide to LOTB Characters and their Effects!

    Simply put, this guide details all the characters in the game and their effects.
    I've mainly focused on Buffs and Debuffs as, when it comes to challenges and events, scrolling through characters to find those with a particular effect is a lengthy process. Simply find the effect you're after, and it'll tell you all the characters that can use that effect, grouped into their classes.

    Eventually, I plan on adding in the stats for each character at lvl 100, but that will take a long time. I'm currently focusing on Passives and Effect explanations.

    SEPT/OCT 2019 UPDATE -

    Also, I made a little Talisman Guide a while back. It'll be updated just like the Character Guide, so make sure to check back if you're interested!
    It's still in a bit of a state right now, but I'll get that sorted out soon. (Outdated atm, I'll fix it when I've got some time)

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