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3rd battle in class D facing Sol Ed, S-GS, M-ASol, S-AGen. My team 7S, W Lilith, M Lilith, Nomad.

I hit the battle button and got new data available must restart message. Game restarts after dl update. I re-enter the Gauntlet and the (non) battle counted as a loss. I'm also down the 3 SoW. Plus These toons are counted as used. Can’t re-use them.

I know its beta, but I hope you guys can make right on this in removing the loss, and restoring the 3 sands. I didn't try the battle again at this time.

Should I submit a ticket as well?
Thanks in advance.
Same happened to me but in class D, so 4 SoW lost.
Devs have to make something because if that happens on high levels it could be more harmful.