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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowRising View Post
    just wondering what/when the next update is, do yall devs post what is being worked on and so on in between the updates.
    that would really be good to know. the comunication is okay, but it could be even better. i cannot imagine that it's too hard to write a few sentices every 2-3 days about the progress in the development of the game.
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    don't be a mofo and join the mofos.

    if you are interested in joining one of the top 5 clans in lotb, contact me and we can start the negotiation. we are full atm but we can put you on the mofo list if you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo View Post
    That's the reason why I don't open regular souls anymore... I have over 200 of them.
    Of course you know what'll happen now. Stack overflow caused by too many unopened souls...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_LOTB View Post
    Hi all!

    If you stop by the Google Play or iTunes App Stores, you'll notice that we've set a new update live for the game. This update is intended to address a few critical bugs, and it adds a small feature that will better allow the dev team to conduct server updates in a controlled way.

    There will be a server update to accompany this client, we expect to push the sever update in a few hours. You can check our social channels for alerts on when we're ready to push that server.

    Things we believe will be fixed once both updates are live are:
    • The game failing to load (getting stuck at 75%) should be resolved
    • Item duplication in inventory causing game lock-outs (The 'Facebook Loop") should be resolved
    • A variety of server connection errors should be resolved
    • The Revenge ability in the Warrior and Assassin dungeons are re-enabled and should not cause the game to hang
    • The Accuracy Down debuff should now function correctly
    • Temporal Shifting abilities should be properly unlocked and functional again

    Additionally, we have done a pass on fixing accounts that were afflicted by the item duplication issues. If you have previously been unable to log into the game, it would be worth your while to try again and see if we've fixed the problem. I expect we'll be chasing a few stragglers for the next few days, but the majority of affected users should now have access to their accounts again.

    Hey Matt,

    AFTER this update I ended up getting locked out. I've messaged through Zendesk, the support email and messaged Lamia. I was just wondering if there might be an idea how long it may take to get access again - my trooper handle is Hunter-8521. I keep checking back to see if I can log in and have tried all the options, clearing cache, reinstalling, etc. I hope I don't miss out on the thank you Ironite...but I'll honestly just be happy to play again.

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