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Thread: Opponent List

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    I just refreshed after completing all ten teams in the list, the new list shows an even spread of rank between level 62 and level 4, this includes a lot of familiar top 3 names that seem to be taking it easy this week...
    I play what's dealt to me though it does take time usually 3 to 4 minutes per game but not uncommon for me to spend ten minutes or more trying to beat one team, I have learnt not to kid myself about these teams being a walk in the park the sheer durability and brutality of most teams in the top 100 is great.

    One fight you obliterate a highly ranked opponent, next minute you have your ass handed to you by a team who hasn't even got their defence team all up to level 100.... I do think if you give up the 10 ironite and do a second refresh the listed teams generally seem to be a bit lower in rank but I'd prefer to keep the 10 ironite...
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    If I do a manual refresh (the free version) I always get a better spread. If I dont I can get all 10 being above me or at least close to me and above.

    On the issue of being hit by the same top people this makes sense to me as they are playing way more than others to stay high in the ranks - if I come on a do my 10 or more then I register as playing so they get me more - this happens way more in the top 100 from my experince as I often get hit a lot by the top 5 or 10 players.
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