I'd like to hear some opinion on which Eddie use skill shards: Doomsday vs Rainmaker.

Thing is I don't have primordials and this far I've using trooper Eddie so as to cleanse my team from silver debuffs (specially since iron eddie seems to be among the favourites in higher ranks). My only good talisman set is Eternal.

So I was wondering which Eddie should I use skill shards on. Since Doomsday removes all buffs, though I have to wait untill my rage skill. Or rainmaker that has 2 skills to contrast golden buffs from a single target.

Both need a high amount of shards (30 and 33) so I'd like to read some opinions on the matter. On my allies side I have: Sekhmet, corrupt rescuer assassin, horus, miss azov, warrior and sentinel lilith, undead rescuer (warrior), Osiris, gunner pharao dog, desert sniper and marauder, gunner valkirye. That's pretty much the best I have.

Thanks for your help!