a nice and cheap option is just going with a toon with Inmunity as a passive, like War Dog or Cerberus, then to any of these, you equip an inmunity talisman (set of 2) and ready.
Why the set of inmunity if he had the passive? If the enemy team has The Prisoner, then its passive won't work since yours had inmunity and it won't have the Passive Disable debuff.
I know its pretty obvious to most of the people but there are people that doesn't know about this kind of things.
The same applies to other good passives as Block and Anathema, since Talisman Passives can't be disabled at the start (with the exception of the effects removed by the Assassin C. Rescuer)
With that said, now if a toon that has the power to disable these effects, may be usefull but of course, broken as hell.