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    Game Update - September 4th, 2018

    A monthly update to help continue to refine and improve the Legacy of the Beast experience.

    Connectivity Communication

    New graphic icons and messaging to better communicate the status of a game that is experiencing connection issues.

    Character Tuning
    See full details in the September 2018 Turning Post.

    Arena Improvements

    • Leaderboard rankings should now display consistently in the correct order.
    • A players place should now be saved when returning to attack and defense lists in the Arena.
    • Solved problem causing some people to experience a hang upon entering the arena.
    • Reduced frequency of AMPA3 errors after Arena battles.
    • Solved consistency problem between Arena points total displayed post battle and in Arena screen.

    Gauntlet Improvements

    • Fixed the issue where player's teams would not be properly reset upon a Gauntlet Rollover until they restarted or played a battle.
    • Fix for Gauntlet Grades sometimes displaying the incorrect amount of Sands of War cost for a battle
    • Fix for your Rank being displayed in the Gauntlet Screen differing from your actual rank on the Leaderboards.
    • My Gauntlet Stats fixed to correctly display your highest Rank historically.
    • Fix for Gauntlet battle sometimes failing to start.
    • Various presentation improvements for Gauntlet progression.
    • The My Team button is now accessible from the Gauntlet Battle Screen
    • Improve the responsiveness of scrolling through Gauntlet Panels in the UI
    • Preparation for Gauntlet Challenges.

    Store Improvements

    • Fix to ensure limited-quantity store items visibly lock after purchase.
    • Fix to prevent “Purchase Canceled” message appearing in some circumstances after a successful purchase.
    • Fixed bug where the “Purchase Failed” message could occur continuously.
    • Fixed problem preventing prices from appearing in special offers soon after booting the game.
    • Removed permanent badging on Arena Store.

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed bug where sacrifice vortex bar is not appearing correctly.
    • Improved communication surrounding the status of talismans that are removed from a character being sacrificed when the talisman inventory is full.
    • Fixed issue for some players where their existing rank repeats on rank up.
    • My Team inventory expansion now takes effect without the player having to leave and re-enter the My Team screen.
    • General performance improvements.
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