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    New Single benefit talisman discussion

    I you are like me, you have that character with a set of nice talismans and then one odd slot with a lone and almost useless single talisman of another color filling a required slot. It's not really doing anything except for stats. I propose a new type of talisman. One of each color that would provide a single benefit similar to what sets do except much more limited in scope. If we want to take it a little further you could have these single talismans have synergy with colors they are not usually found with such as works with a talisman that they normally have class advantage against. For example you have one slot with an assassin talisman and one slot with a gunner talisman and they provide additional benefits together. Finally, perhaps they could add a multicolored talisman that works in all slots. They already have multicolor shards. Post what talisman ideas you may have. I posted this here for discussion.
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    I like the idea and have been waiting for a universal-colored talisman for months. I have no doubt one will be coming at some point. It’s the only way to give characters different looks. Once everyone has maxed out relics, we’ll be back to every team being exactly the same again. Time for some parity.

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