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Yes, edsel your team is pure horror! It was your team where NotB Ed did >1.2 million damage (!!!) to my team combined with one hit and I also have "some" relics...

One could say well done (which is true), but also could blame the game structure that this is possible (which is true aswell)

@Natasmai: Come on, Arena isn't that bad! Get up the ranks and it will be a bit more challenging (and your crazy defense rate will finally go away ) Maybe we will meet then once in a while!
When they run the Arena events i do a bunch of arena, get up around 3000 rating, but it pays exactly the same prizes at the end of the week. Arena is complete garbage and its prize structure is so completely out of whack it is ridiculous. I use my SoW for Gauntlet, which i think supplies reasonably good rewards.