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    Yeah... I generally do my daily 1 battle and then towards the end of the week I do enough to get over 1900. It's kinda nice and laid back since by the end of the week I've dropped back so low in the ranking that I can make up enough points in about a half hour. Gauntlet is fun but I get tired swapping talismans around when you get to the class specific and no duplicates rounds. Now if there was an easier way to swap talismans, that could be a game changer. I also don't like the fact that in Gauntlet you are forced to have dupes for certain levels, but you have no way of knowing which talismans you have on which character. I can see the skill shards, but not the talisman combination. They only way to tell the difference is if you go write down the stats of each and refer to your reference sheet. It's easy when you only have two of a character and you have one "Locked" and the other isn't... that's an easy way to tell... but when you have 4 or 5 of one, you really have no way of knowing. I'm going off post now so I'll stop...

    a way to make this a non-issue.... remove all talisman from a toon after you use it so you know it is no longer available.

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    Yup, you are correct that buffs are a major part of the game. A year ago we weren't dealing with so many buff/defuff/passive options. The strength of the toon may not he as important as before, we now have to deal with relics. I can tell the difference going against players with full relics. If you are not a die hard player or spending real money on special talisman the game is way different.

    This is off topic, but you can really see the difference relics make in the special dungeons. With identical teams people with fewer relics cant always clear the battlefields.
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