This one goes out to an unknown wedding band... allow me explain:

I was at a fancy wedding a few years back... and while we were all dining in the dining hall, the band was set up in the dance hall and playing some mellow dining music... jazz standards, musak... etc... Then I heard them break out something that I recognized. It took me a minute to put my finger on it because it was done up in the same light jazzy style as the rest of their 'dinner set'. It was The Flight of Icarus! It adapted really well to this style and noone else in the dining hall had even noticed, so I excused myself from the table, walked into the dance hall and stood in front of the band giving them a knowing glance. They smiled back at me - being the only person to realize that they just slipped Iron Maiden into their dinner set. As I walked away, I gave them the \m/

I'll never forget that.