So I was a day one player, typical top 25 arena finisher, and played until early this year and then deleted the app. Was around the time 7th son eddie was released - he was way OP at the time and basically pushed the game so far out of balance I decided it was not worth my time.
This week I decided Id reinstall the game and see how things were looking. No Night City, no Silent Planet. Hmm. But gauntlet was released and is actually kind of fun. Lots of new eddies and new characters too, cool.
So I jumped back into arena. Wow a bunch of 40 and 60 level players at my low dormant arena rank, Ill plow through and get back up the board quick. Wait whats a primordial talisman? Eternal talismans? Im getting my a$$ handed to me bad - by early game players. I better get me some of these new talismans to compete. Wait- they are not available - no way no how?
So we have a game with hundreds of cool unique characters, 99% of which are completely useless due to overpowered add ons (talismans) that were briefly released and then vaulted.
Am I crazy to say this is the exact opposite way to run a game if you are looking to attract and retain new players?
So, in conclusion my break will now be permanent. And looking at the forum it looks like most of the top early players have bailed as well.
Makes me sad, the theme, artwork, and concept of this game rocks. But the implementation of tools for play is utter nonsense.
Peace, Ezz