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Maybe if they would give us more the feeling, that they are really fixing things
Look I completely understand getting frustrated, but what is currently left to fix? Is it really that much? I'm not being facetious -- they have been fixing the bugs--or at least any bug I reported or saw someone else report.

If you want a direct response open a ticket and you will definitely get one. This forum has a bug report section but it's probably not monitored in the same way as their support team ticketing system.
They may figure if someone wants to vent and have other players commiserate they mention an issue here but if they really want something fixed they report it through the app and send screenshots if possible.
Either way, they don't make money directly by having a support desk. They do it to fix issues so people will keep playing and enjoying the game. I've reported a LOT of issues from the beginning. The very first issue I reported was when I accidentally sold (no sacrifice yet) an assassin death dog. There was no warning screen yet either. I didn't even realize I had done it. I told them it was "missing". They looked into it and said I had sold it. A week or 2 later there was the warning screen. Things break yea, but they get fixed.