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    Fudjo's Guide to Asset Management

    Heya! This isn't a guide for how to use Goddess Aset. Rather, it's a guide to how to effectively manage your resources in Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast.

    The main thing is that you need to have a very long-term focus with your resources. Hoard your resources, be stingy with them, be very, very patient, and you'll be rewarded for it.


    You'll be spending your Gold on the following things:

    - Runes for leveling up and evolving talismans (Cosmic talismans are especially expensive)
    - Fees for redeeming souls in the Book of Souls
    - Monthly skill shards from the store
    - The tiny amount you'll pay for the Daily Challenges
    - Occasional events
    - Awakening characters

    Early on, Runes will be your biggest expense for Gold. To fully level up 6 Talismans for a character, you'll end up spending about 2 million Gold. Leveling up and evolving Cosmic Talismans is also very expensive, costing a few million per Cosmic talisman.

    However, far and away your biggest expense for Gold will be Awakening characters. To fully Awaken a character will cost you around 20 million Gold. A new character two will become Awakenable each month, making it exorbitantly expensive to keep up.

    Shards for leveling characters, on the other hand, usually aren't worth using unless you're evolving characters with Evo Shards. You can level characters for free during your daily auto-farming. However, there are Evolution events where you get rewards for leveling up and evolving characters. It's worth it to keep a stockpile of XP Shards and Evo Shards for these events. You also might want to save some XP shards for Sacrifice events, as you might not have time to level surplus characters through auto-farming. Apart from that, you're generally better off selling your XP shards and saving your Gold.

    Occasional events have useful stuff you can buy with Gold which make it worth hoarding. A couple examples:!!

    Ok, so where do you get Gold? As with any resource in this game, the best way to get Gold is not to spend it. There usually isn't much you can do to suddenly get a lot of Gold. You'll just accumulate it gradually over time as part of your daily farming. However, there are a couple of tricks:

    1. Cosmic Talismans.

    It's not the Cosmic Talismans themselves which are worth anything - they're actually quite worthless with a sale value of only 300 Gold. However, you get them in Talisman Souls which include a 5-star Gold Idol, which sells for 1 million Gold. If you're looking to accumulate Gold quickly, get all the Talisman Souls you can find. The Cosmic Talisman dungeons are a great way to do this, though they'll cost you a 150-Ironite mega refill each. Also check out the Arena Store, as you can buy Talisman Soul fragments with surplus Sands of War.

    2. Leveling up certain Talismans.

    Some talismans, such as Earthquake talismans from the Brave New World dungeons, can be leveled up and resold at a substantial profit. The key is to find talismans whose base sale price (when they're unleveled 3-star talismans) is 14076 Gold. It'll take about 300 thousand Gold to fully evolve and level that talisman up to level 50, but it will then have a sale price of nearly 700 thousand Gold. If you have surplus talismans like these - and the runes to max them - you can profit greatly.


    There are really only three things you should be spending your Ironite on:

    - Sands of Time during events
    - Sands of War during events
    - Event Souls which also give you fragments for new characters.

    Unless the Event Souls give you fragments for new characters, don't spend your Ironite on souls. The RNG odds are awful, to the point where you'll need about 100 Event Souls to get a real shot at an event-exclusive 5-star character. Instead, stockpile your Ironite. Be very, very stingy with it. Eventually you'll see an event that involves collecting 500 or 750 event fragments for a new character and the only way you can get enough fragments is by spending Ironite on Event Souls. Here are a couple examples of such an event:!

    Another good use for Ironite is for fragment events where you can collect Lilith Soul fragments. It'll take you about 1000 Ironite to get a Lilith Soul and in the process of auto-farming Lord of Light missions you'll get around 10 Rare Souls from all the toons from Common Souls you sacrifice anyway.

    Trooper Badges

    Spend your Trooper Badges on:

    - Trooper Soul fragments
    - Skill Shards
    - Talismans (Destiny, Steel)

    You're always going to want Trooper Souls for Sacrifice events and Frontier Coins. You're always, always going to want Skill Shards. As for the Talismans from the Trooper Store, Destiny and Steel are definitely worth buying a few sets.

    Unless there's an Eddie you need, skip buying anything from the Fragments tab of the Trooper Store. Some events have fragments for these characters as part of the rewards and it's easy enough to collect a bunch of Heroic Souls from the Gauntlet.

    There's an exception here: if you play long enough (over a year), you may reach a point where you've accumulated a sizable stockpile of Skill Shards through Sacrifice events. At that point, you're not going to have much of anything to spend your Trooper Badges on. You can either amass a giant pile of Trooper Badges for the one or two events a year where you get rewards for spending Trooper badges, or you can buy the weekly fragments from the Fragments tab of the Trooper Store to gradually get more sacrifice fodder.

    Iron Coins

    Spend your Iron Coins on:

    - Eternal Soul fragments
    - Relics
    - Talismans

    Spending Iron Coins is similar to spending Trooper Badges. You're always going to want Eternal Souls for Sacrifice events and Frontier Coins, though I'd stop spending Iron Coins on Eternity Fragments once you have three of the four Eternity Soul characters. At that point, it isn't worth it to spend Iron Coins chasing after that last one and you're better off gradually accumulating Eternity Fragments through the weekly Arena rewards.

    As much as you're always, always going to want Skill Shards, you're going to want Relics even more so. Skip buying Skill Shards here and focus heavily on Relics.

    For Talisman sets, get yourself a set or two of Angel and Shadow and then focus on buying Relics.

    For collecting Iron Coins, the Arena provides the better ratio than the Gauntlet for Sands of War to Iron Coins. If you're purely focussing on building up Relics, stick to the Arena. However, the Gauntlet does provide a very useful sack of goodies in addition to its Iron Coin rewards. I personally prefer the Gauntlet for this reason, but focussing on Relics is also a good choice.

    Frontier Coins

    Frontier Coins are a pain in the neck to acquire, so be diligent about acquiring them and be very, very stingy about spending them. You can get Frontier Coins from Trooper Souls, Eternal Souls, Lilith Souls, Gauntlet rewards, and some events.

    If you're patient, you'll eventually get the Trooper Soul, Eternal Soul, and Lilith Soul toons you want without having to buy them from the Frontier Store. If there's a toon you want/need immediately, or if you're just frustrated with your RNG luck, sure, buy one. However, I strongly recommend being patient and saving up your Frontier Coins for Frontier Store exclusive toons.


    Souls are another resource you'll want to stockpile. There are events that help you get more out of the Souls you hoard.

    For example, there has been an event where you could spend Common and Rare souls on stuff, such as Frontier Coins, Legendary Souls, and Skill Shards:!

    There are the occasional events where you get bonuses for redeeming souls in the Book of Souls. Some examples:!


    Definitely hang onto surplus characters for Sacrifice events. Don't be quick to sacrifice high-value characters - wait for the Sacrifice events and get more out of them. The Sacrifice events are often quite worth it. In time, they'll be your primary source of Skill Shards.

    Generally, though not always, only 4-star and 5-star toons matter because you want to hit 20K or 50K essence for Sacrifice event bonuses. I sacrifice my 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star toons immediately, and I save my 4-star and 5-star toons for Sacrifice events.

    Don't get too sacrifice-happy as you are going to want a deep roster for the Gauntlet. Definitely don't sacrifice toons you can only get once, such as the Golden and Crimson Pharaoh Dogs.

    To give you an idea of the kinds of rewards you can get from Sacrifice events, here are some examples:!!!!!!!

    Here's a link to to the Sacrifice 101 guide:

    Where to get characters for Sacrifice events:
    - Trooper Soul fragments
    - Eternal Soul fragments
    - Heroic Soul characters
    - Lilith Souls from fragment events that use the Lord of Light missions

    Where I auto-farm (general):
    - Powerslave (Madness)
    - Cast Die (Madness)
    - Number of the Beast (Madness)
    - anything in the Underworld (Madness) for 3-star colorless Evo Runes

    Where I auto-farm for talismans:
    - Garden of Despair: Endure, Immortal
    - Garden of Fear: Strike, Echo
    - Garden of Life: Guard, Immunity

    (Though I'm at the point now where I'm no longer farming the Gardens for talismans, and instead farm Floor X because it gives the best yield for XP Runes.)
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    Nice guide, thanks Fudjo
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    Only missing :


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    Nice one. These are always a help, especially to the newer guys just coming in.

    One silly little tactic I use in sacrifice is to make sure that I get as close to level 2 sac threshold using 2 star/1 star combinations and a single 3 star. If you fill all 10 slots and have one three star (I think you need to upgrade a sactoon a little ot get to the max number until level 2 lights up. Anyway, for me I tend ot get a ful spread of rewards that you can get and more commonly I tend to get a rare soul as the RNG can see you are 1% away from a level 2....but that might just be me. I also used to to 3 sac toons from each of red, blue and green and then one three star - I thought I maybe got a bit better rewards with that but I think that was just my stupid mind working over time! Anyway, this is how I use up my low level toons for sac events. I rarely if ever try to get a level 3, 4 or 5 as this seems pointless unless that is all you can manage to do of course due to lack of toons to sac.

    Another tip from me is to always keep on top of your resource stacks - upgrade materials (shards/runes) and the like. I remember a while ago going to look at mt stacks and saw like 3/4 stacks of each shard star level - no one really needs that so don't hang onto what you dont need and sell them. Runes I tend to keep several stacks of each as these can go quick if you are levelling up a six set of tallies. Actually I am sitting on loads of everything now so my own stacks could do with a clean out!

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    I used to try to just get to the threshold of a tier when sacrificing but I read somewhere that if you are between tiers it is taken into account and you are rewarded accordingly. Anyway I mostly sacrifice low level anyway so I just do 10 at a time and get whatever it gives me.
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    Really good guide, nice one =) This is pretty much what I do apart from prioritising Relics over Eternity Fragments for the most part; I've got all of the Eternity characters and am in no rush to get Alexander Eddie, but I will buy them now and again if I'm getting close to a full soul. I do occasionally buy event soul packs too, but only if there is a Sacrifice event coming up soon after and I need a bit of extra fodder (in which case I may buy class rare souls with Trooper points too).

    One thing I will add is that hoarding common souls and sacrificing them before an Arena event can be a good way to get plenty of Sands of War, so if there's a sacrifice event directly before an arena (or Gauntlet...!) event then you get double the benefit.
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    One thing I tend to do is grind the lord of light dungeon harder of whichever class the event character is of. More material to shard up dupes for the sacrifice event that tends to follow.

    Nice guide Fudjo! Some great advice too!
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    Nice guide. One thing of note is that while "on a whole" Gauntlet gives a worse ratio of Sands of War to Iron Coins, the lower levels give a better ratio (eg: levels F through D) and so I always play those each fortnight, even if I don't want to bother with the rest (I usually only bother getting to B or A at the moment).
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    ranking souls

    I decided to rank souls as way to help new players decide which ones are the best chance to collect a specific character.
    Ranked from lowest to highest chance.

    Normal soul: a 1 to 3 star character.
    Rare soul: a 3 star to 5 star.
    Event soul: a 3 star to 5 star, but weighted to have a higher rare chance of the event character.
    Class soul: a 3 star to 5 star of a certain class.
    Heroic soul: a 3 star to a 5 star, with certain characters available in a rotation.
    Legendary soul: a 4 star to a 5 star any class.
    Class specific Legendary soul: Pull a 4 or 5 star of a certain class.
    Mythic soul: 5 star any class.
    Class specific Mythic soul: 5 star of a certain class.
    Specific character soul: guaranteed that character.
    In my opinion the most valuable easiest obtainable soul is the heroic soul. It limits the pool of what you draw from to just a few characters in a rotation, and also allows a chance of characters not obtainable any other way.

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    Donde consigo códigos de ironita o almas?

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    Asset Management Update!

    Importance of Heroic Souls:

    A sizable percentage of the new, more powerful characters are being put into the Heroic Soul rotation instead of going into Rare Souls and Rare G/A Souls. This puts an added emphasis on acquiring Heroic Souls. In the current Book of Souls event, you can convert your Rare Souls into Heroic Legendary souls:

    My asset management plan is this:

    - Convert as many Rare Souls as I can into Heroic Legendary Souls
    - Save the 4* and 5* characters from opening Rare Souls for the upcoming Sacrifice event
    - Re-stock my supply of Rare Souls in the upcoming Sacrifice event

    I'm mulling over whether to convert the Heroic Legendary Souls into Heroic Mythic Souls (plus the sacrifice fodder). If I needed The Count it'd be a no-brainer, but I already have him. With a 12% chance of getting a 5* from a Heroic Legendary Soul, that's a 20% better return on 5* characters than using Heroic Mythic Souls, so I think I'll hold onto the legendaries.

    Shift in Ironite management:

    There's also been a shift towards putting new, more powerful characters in event-exclusive souls, with the option of getting one with 750 event fragments (10 fragments per event soul opened). The events themselves only give you 10 or so event souls as rewards, so you'd need 5900 Ironite to guarantee getting the new hot toon. If you don't already have a few Liliths, I still recommend pursuing those in the LOL events. However, once you have four different ones, I strongly recommend that you stop chasing after that last Lilith and instead start dilligently hoarding Ironite for an event-exclusive toon you want.

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