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    I assume it is just too hard to accept that the system as it works here makes it reasonable to lose on purpose...
    I also didn't do it during the time I was below #250 regularly, as it is rather normal that you try to reach the high fruits! Also this was before relics were introduced.

    But now, during Arena event I have a fun defense as always. Even though the reduction to 200 wins for the sweet spot is a huge relief! BTW thanks @ NF for this decision! To me this means that you also have a heart for working people with family, friends, hobbies and other activities that prevent playing 24/7.
    March 1st 2019 - NEVER FORGET! They stole 50% of our rare soul frags, 11% mythical frags, 60% legendary frags and 66% of rare class specific frags! Plus doubled gold price for summoning souls without a notice!

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    There is something wrong with the picking lists. I got hit 4 times in 1 hour by the same person with myself only refreshing once.

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