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    Sep 2016
    Hehe, spot the high level gauntlet noob

    Currently grinding for:
    Odin(s) - Freya - Scrooge (Slauki) Ed / Lilith Cosmic

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    I managed to finish in top 5 of the last Gauntlet reset. But getting higher is impossible with every single eddie. (I lost 2 due to bugged characters being 100% Immune to all damage and steal effects. But those 2 had not given me a better position i believe). I do find it sort of odd that having for example the limited time Samurai is required to go for the highest position. But after all new characters needs to be usefull for those who get them. So i surely do not hope they change it.
    Current Champion: Killers Eddie

    Teams completed:
    Eternal team (sharded)
    Trooper team (sharded)
    Lilith team (sharded)
    God team (sharded)

    34/36 collected Eddies fully sharded.
    134 fully sharded characters!

    And more to come!

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    how ispossible to play one gauntlet match?
    i found critical bug on SS battle 4
    ,i kiled all enemyteam except Nomad who received Shroud and no matter what i do he can't receive any damage,i put on auto and already 10min playing,will it ever end?

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