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    And I wonder why some enemy teams, who show NO relics in their bonus list, are able to destroy your team in one turn....
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    Whenever I run into a high damage output team, i go in with all magus toons. I make sure i have at least 1 set of Oracles, 1 set of Destiny, and then my best character will have Fortunes. Makes their damage output barely noticeable.

    As far as that team, I can across a team with EE and some other assassin toons, cant recall if it was that exact team though. They almost wiped my team as well. I was a bit worried about the team so i decided to use my own EE plus Sekhmet so I guaranteed to only give them 1 turn (assuming they won the coin, which of course they did) When I play this team, I always use wrath and Beast so I have a full team of Fury to really abuse EE. The only toon that is sharded is Sekhmet, all others are completely unsharded.

    I had immortality talis on both wrath and beast. They killed beast and wrath, then killed beast after the revive and left me with wrath EE and Sekhmet all at about 10% health left. It was really close to a full wipe. But then I took all the turns and crushed them.

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