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    i have a feeling, that things are getting better, and the dungeons are an okay solution. but ATM there are still a lot of problems, and the hugest problem beside the game stability is the level up of chars and talismans. for that purpuse i agree with the thread opener. the dungeons should stay open for those who didn't have the possibility (or the luck) to get the 3* evo-shards. When they finally release the new options, it would be okay to close the dungeons for two days. but now some people won't be able to get their shards, till theys open again and they have plenty time on the weekend. so this is really strange. they should close the dungeons on monday or tuesday, till the new options releases.
    in my opinion it's kinda stupid to remove or reduce the droprate of runes/shards, before the new opportunitiers to get them arrives.

    we were forced to wait for two weeks for the dungeons to open, to evolve our characters, that was a potential game killer. i hope they won't do the mistake again and learn from it.

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    Ha ha ha, so I was all bummed because it was Friday and no dungeons... BUT it was Thursday!!!

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    Most of the games have what's called as, FFF Sunday, Free For All Sunday. This is usually a day were you can replay EVERY level to farm mats, or either some kind of level that incorporates something from all those and have global drops.

    Weekends is when most of people can actually grind, because they have more free time.

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    I guess schedule changed. At least we can time rift on Saturday evening!

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