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    Quote Originally Posted by Watchful Prism View Post
    It’s ok to complain here. We all do it! Let it out man lol. ~cheers~
    I laughed when i read it.

    It isn't that i want to. xD But sometimes it needs to be.

    BUT as i played the first to "Levels" i'm excited to have this feeling again.., to play story, see new characters integrated in it, not just releasing new characters..,
    The Environment looks awesome! (just saw the first level xD but it's good to see something new)
    I missed it to play some levels more then one time, because we can get skulls again.., oooah i missed it! :3
    "If you don't want to listen, find out the hard way."

    But if everyone's gone it's too late...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercifal View Post
    I have a few assumptions, looking after previous conversations and discussions during some of the events:

    1. Talismans: like AcesHigh said completely new, or those talismans that were previously available "exclusively".

    2. Night City won't have available frontier coins as prizes. After all, it's an end game currency, so if it started giving FC as drop, you could certainly make a month (or not shorter) to earn money for the gods or Alexander Ed.

    3. New skull quests. And that's where we could get listed above Frontier Coins. I once asked developers whether there will be a different, constant opportunity to receive currency, rather than by unpacking designated souls. The answer was "Probably, we're thinking over other ways to get Frontier Coins". Either we will be able to farm FC there, or in Silent Planet (my other guess).

    4. New 4* and 5* characters. Looking at the design of the city, I do believe we are going to get new eternal-like boss / character, a demon, to be precised, one you can see at one of the Lotb game posters

    Attachment 4984

    What about the Samurai and bear like characters? I don't know, we might get them later this month, judging by the samurai / japanese theme of this month's events.

    ¿So what happened with these characters?

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