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    A sixth Lol dungeon

    It is simple: create an extra dungeon on Lord of Light.

    The enemies:
    - wave 1: one golden son of each class;
    - wave 2: one newborn of light of each class;
    - boss wave: one lord of light of each class (that part could be to hard to new players, so need ajustment).

    The loot:
    - colorless evo shards;
    - colorful xp shards.

    That way, there is no need to create new toons, making easier to do, I guess.

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    Or add another level to each of what we have to make it harder and with different or better loot. Even easier to do I am sure. Either way any new content would be good and there are really simple options that would take a few days to sort out I think.
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